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  1. I would contact the agency again (better still,if you can go to their offices,in person) and demand to speak to 'THE BOSS' . Tell them that if they don't send a 'suitably qualified' person to assess and fix the problem, WITHIN 7 DAYS,that you will have no choice but to engage someone yourself, and then deduct the cost from your rent. Your justification is : danger to your person/health and possible serious damage to the building. This sounds to me,to be a corroded water pipe,which will only get worse! About 2 years ago,when I rented a flat,we had a problem with low water pressure - I cou
  2. Dee Monic, Even though I don't understand half of that,still totally hilarious !! Old BBB does tend to cause bother,where ever he goes,eh? Jayen4.
  3. I have to say that I watch most of these 'house' type progs. A lot of them were poor,but my favourite was D.I.Y SoS,with Nick Knowles and his circus. I think this show is brilliant --what a bunch of jokers--they really crack me up !! I think they should all be certified--what-they already are!-oh right,that explains their antics. Did anyone see the show where 2 of the builders made it look like Lowri's mini had been scratched down the side?? She comes over and looks at the car and goes off on one,then the builders miraculously 'fix' the scratch--she the twigs and starts belting the 2 build
  4. Aaah,Now I know how you know !! BBB's on here---just twigged who this is!! I know him as someone else---ooer!! Later all,time for beddybyes! Jayen4.
  5. Hello All, How do you know where I'm from---not spying on me are you ?? As to Andrew Peers, this has been discussed on S.P. --I haven't seen him on yet. Later, Jayen4.
  6. Trev, Yeah,I watch this prog every day. Some of these 'beginners' are either very good or more likely very 'lucky'. They usually pay way over the odds! That's partly why the property market has gone mad,over the past couple of years---everybody paying too much! I think that the current run,was filmed this year. Some of the buy to sell price ranges are noticeably very tight,now. Lucy Alexander 'tries too hard'----I think that she thinks she's on a 'holiday prog' or something. If you watch carefully,though,you can pick up some useful info,from this show.
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