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  1. Did anyone else note how quiet the shops were last weekend ? I popped into Homebase on Saturday at 11:30 and there were tumbleweeds blowing around. Same story in Habitat later, there were twice as many staff as customers. Was at the butcher in Burwash Farm later and he was complaining that he'd only had a handful of customers and that normally on a sunny day he was mobbed by the barbecue brigade. Centre of town always seems to have lots of people milling around and always will, but the big retail outlets on Newmarket road seem to be a good barometer.
  2. I found the source code for the BBC Complaints System online: #!/usr/bin/perl print "Dear Mr" . $ENV{QUERYNAME} . "\n"; print "Thank you for your e-mail and we're sorry for the lengthy delay in replying"; print "to you. The team at $ENV{PROGRAMNAME} receive a considerable volume of"; print "correspondence and it can take some time to work through it but we're sorry"; print "you've had to wait so long on this occasion.\n"; print "We're also sorry if you have concerns about our coverage of the ${PROGRAMTYPE}"; print "and, in particular, $ENV{COMPLAINTPERSON} contribution to the programme.\n"; print "Obviously, $ENV{COMPLAINTPERSON} views are $ENV{COMPLAINTSEX} own rather than those of the BBC but"; print "we hope the team ask relevant and enlightening questions of her when $ENV{COMPLAINTSEX2}"; print "does appear. Ultimately $ENV{COMPLAINTSEX} analysis and predictions are just one of the"; print "many views we hear on the issue.\n"; print "However, the team at $ENV{PROGRAMNAME} do appreciate the feedback and were grateful"; print "for your suggestions.\n"; print "Yours sincerely\n\n"; @firstname=("Fred","Dave","Peter","John"); @lastname=("Smith","Blogs","Davis","Johnson"); print $firstname[rand(3)] . " " . $lastname[rand(3)] . "\n"; print "Complaints Coordinator\n"; print "BBC Complaints\n";
  3. Yep, I've also complained online at ofcom under a Section 5 breach of the broadcasting code. Come on people, get your asses in gear and file complaints for this drivel. http://www.ofcom.org.uk/complain/progs/spe.../?itemid=286480 The most complained about programs tend to get press coverage whether upheld or not
  4. £200 quid says she'll use the phrase 'talking ourselves into a crash' at least once
  5. I walked past yesterday, but it looked to me like it was the upstairs offices that were 'to let' and not the charcol offices downstairs.
  6. There must be something wrong with it. Its the first 3BR central cambridge house I've seen that I could actually afford. Probably a former crack-den or site of a gangland killing. No internal pictures, and the external picture has been cunningly stretched by our photoshop friends at the EA
  7. Do those enormous iron testicles in the garden come with the property ? Who needs decent transport links when you've got balls of steel
  8. Isn't that one in the De'Freville area ? Some streets in De'Freville have waiting lists as it is the area closest to the centre of town with larger properties so not surprising that it went quickly
  9. The 'buoyant' Cambridge market is dead. Unless you are referring to the lovely flats being built on flood plains 2 of my friends have recently pulled their houses from the market (both Cherry Hinton) after sod-all interest and even less in the way of viewings. They had tried to call the top of the market but too late. On my street alone there were recently 4 houses up for sale (St Andrews, Chesterton), a 2br flat for £350k and 3 townhouses for >£450k. Ridiculous prices and although one of the townhouses shifted the other 3 were pulled from the market. Regarding the previously mentioned 'flood-plain penthouse' in the obscene 'Vie' development: http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-999...=1&tr_t=buy Here's how that site looked in 2001 http://www.cambridge2000.com/cam_flood/010...es/P2063172.jpg (As you can see, you'll be to sail right up to your back door) and in 2003 http://www.cambridge2000.com/cam_flood/030...es/P1049729.jpg Sit tight... It's coming
  10. Had a similar situation last year just as the market was turning it seems. Put in an offer of 214k on a nice 3br listed at 219k in a village near Cambridge. The smarmy git EA from Redmayne Arnold (Cambridge) initially refused to even put the offer to his clients. I walked away and after that we decided to give up on trying to buy an overpriced house in the sticks and withdrew our offer to return to our rental and build up a cash warchest for the coming crash. 3 weeks later he was literally 'sunshine and lollipops' on the phone and said our offer would now be accepted. It turns out the couple living there had completed on a new house and were now paying two mortgages. I told him to stuff it and the house eventually sold 6 months later for 210k. Christ alone knows what it cost them. I'm glad now that he was such an oily b**tard and we didn't bite the bullet at precisely the wrong time. And its all thanks to this lovely website and Forum for that!! Thanks guys
  11. I'm wondering what's going to happen Cambridge newbuilds right now. Out of my window I can see about 300 flats going up by the river on a frigging flood plain. The marketing signs have said '90%' sold for months now. We had a look around the 'show hovel' last year. All the italian marble and shiny stainless steel can't hide the fact that these are tiny, poorly built, 2br flats with paper thin walls with hordes of ravening youngsters outside prowling the streets at night. Seriously, there was an armed police team outside here last year arresting some lunatic. Having you bike nicked by chavs is hardly: 'bespoke executive living in the heart of a luxury exclusive development in the heart of Cambridge'. Our neighbour's flat (2BR good build quality from 2003) has been on the market for 6 months now at £350k solidly. The guy won't budge and I wonder what the EAs are telling him. To say he's delusional is an understatement, the guy almost bit my head off when I mentioned to him that prices might dip. I think he sits on his own in the dark chanting the up, up, up mantra. Anyway, I imagine the villages will go first. As a prospective FTB we almost bought in the villages last year. The nicest hose we found was a 3BR in Caldecote for £220K. The sale fell through (buyer pulled out) costing me money on surveys and arrangement fees etc. We decided at that point that we weren't going to bother looking any more, Cambridge or the Villages. Some of my friends are in the same position and were also being priced out of traditional FTB areas in cambridge and the villages. I mean if £230K can't get you a decent FTB house in a reasonable village then what on earth is going on. Christ, I'm finally on a decent salary after years of University and the best I can afford is a pokey house in a village with no shops or pub ? Anyway, I've been very happy renting since (and discovering this site). Our rent has not increased in 3 years and I do think Cambridge is in for a shock.
  12. Renting at £1050 pm in Cambridge 2 Bedroom Central Flat Built in 2004 Identical flat next door up for £350,000 Don't know how much that would be interest only per month, but probably at least £1500
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