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  1. Showing my age there!....Ahhh the 70's..... such carefree times! LOL
  2. Yes.......I am familiar with "The Walts", though I always thought that the title a little undeserved and made popular by those who would never Operate while they had a hole in their bum................
  3. Was always a "Warlord" reader myself...........
  4. Sorry - before hijacking this thread I meant to say that a neighbour of mine is a Roofer. Always appeared to live a comfortable life, new cars, holidays, wads of cash down the local, etc etc. Last weekend he popped over and over a beer told me how he was being offered less and less work from major developers, and was now working mostly on private jobs. He went on to say that the last time it was this quiet was back in the 1990's I would guess that the lack of developers willing to commit to large housing projects is one of the signs that worse is yet to come?
  5. ....Just have never heard anyone who would have served with 3 Commando Brigade (3 Cdo Bde), in any capacity (attached service) refer to it as "3 Commando" Since I left the Corps I have, at times, been something of a Walt magnet and too be honest I tend to play along with the SAS-Commando-Delta-Green Beret-Special Trooper types. Have always enjoyed watching folk dig deep, deep holes that they can't climb out of...........must be my old Bootie humour???? I take it that you are Crab Air from your previous post? Remember - Most "Walts" are not bad people......just misguided!
  6. Strange? Have NEVER heard an Ex Bootie call the Corps "3 Commando" When were you in? Who were you with? What was your official number?
  7. "Silence came the stern reply!" I beleive that he wrote the blog under the name of "Secret Agent" ......original eh?
  8. Folks What happens if you have a mortgage with a financial institution that goes into liquidation? Do you just carry on making monthly payments or do you stop until you are told otherwise? In effect, if a bank or building society go under, does your loan just end up being written off? I very much doubt that this would be the case, but what would happen?
  9. Folks Around 6 months or so ago there was a link posted up to an EA's blog, where he basically moaned and dripped about his lot in life. Anyone still have the link? Cheers Jim
  10. We lived in NZ for 2 years. Found that we just swapped one set of problems for another set on the otherside of the world! Returned to the UK last summer and haven't looked back since. My advice would be to stop listening to folk who run the UK down and limit your reading of the Daily Mail.
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