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  1. Several months prior to the results coming out these schools contact certain journo's and provide photo's of the prettiest girls, ensuring lots of positive publicity for the school.
  2. Email is too easy to ignore, a letter writing campaign might be more effective.
  3. Nice to see Goldman putting that bailout money to good use http://www.smh.com.au/technology/technology-news/facebooks-financials-revealed-in-leak-20110107-19hyt.html
  4. I'm sure they could arrange for a few Quantas jets to fall out of the sky
  5. Not really. since Top Gear actually makes a profit. Which is why even though there are car hating nutters at the BBC trying to cancel it, it keeps getting renewed
  6. It looks like someone has parked a static caravan on the roof.
  7. Last nights draw produced a huge number of £10 winners which is is why the jackpot is half of what was estimated.
  8. Yeah I'd pretty upset if people accused me of being a Property Developer.
  9. But then they'd soon find there dirty little secrets being aired in public. Am I the only person that thinks the monstering of Fern Britton as Gordons dabs all over it.
  10. That reminds me http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=B6Lstkiexhc someone really needs to do a Brown version
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