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  1. Well here we are on 30th July 2014 and it is now 6 years since the first post in this topic was made. There is clearly interest in the French market although not all of the 1/4 of a million views of the topic have translated into sales of picturesque houses...!! Go ahead and buy if you are really looking for a house to live in and can afford to lose some money, but my personal feeling is that we are now somewhere near the bottom of the market ( but only where prices have been set realistically in the first place ). One will soon be able to sell the stones and old beams so beloved of the Brits and Dutch for more than the cost of the buildings themselves. Investment in anything other than a very large city would be foolish, and speculation on price rises generally would be rash in the extreme. ​Thank you to all who have participated in the topic and I look forward to another 6 years of fun and information. ​I hope that together we have managed to save our readers from losing their wealth unnecessarily. Picnic
  2. So what do people make of the french market at present ( Nov 3013)? I've lived in the south west for several years now and the turnover of property seems to be steady with possibly a slight increase in arrivals but I have NO evidence for that as it is just a gut feeling. Some have returned as a consequence of 3 consecutive hard winters! It is still cheap to live here if you are into the good life and have your own woods to cut for fuel. Happy Xmas to all our readers.
  3. Redwine ( and everyone else ) when I talk about Paris I refer only to the 20 Arrondisments . I really hope they don't have more riots ( as I sold my underground parking ) but I suspect that you will be correct unfortunately Off to the pool to cool down best wishes Picnic.
  4. Don't be blinded by a cheap renovation job inspect everything with a magnifying glass. What a sensible thing to say ....never buy when the sun is shining and you have had a few glasses of wine before you decide to buy. In fact best to rent for a few years anyway under present conditions As always prices are doing different things in different places. Parts of Paris stable while others fall.....nothing new there but the general trend is downwards due to difficult credit conditions. I have recently had two offers on Paris flats and there is certainly difficulty and caution from the banks regarding credit. On a positive note you can't stop the sun shining and the people being great, and that is a major reason for people from other countries moving to France. Re: Tax........ C.G.T.Tax has resulted in tax take falls and plans are in hand to reduce it buy some 11% as compared to the current regulations. in force. Have a good weekend everyone.
  5. Paris market is finally going down....who knows where it will end.( minus 3% ie minus 5% in real terms is my guess for 2013 ) Obviously bigger losses will occur in the rest of the country. However there is talk of it ( paris property ) being an asset class of its own ( like gold ) in which case it is a speculation not an investment. How long before Holland fixes rents and increases taxes on property again? In so far as property is an easy target for taxes I suppose it doesn't really make much difference where in Europe you hold property as it will get taxed wherever it is. Merry Xmas to all in France and the UK.
  6. Paris seems to have ground to a halt. CIF are not allowed to lend at the moment despite the proposed bail-out so that is a chunk of mortgage lending gone. Absolutely correct yet for some reason best known to themselves the adrianleeds.com website continues its unabashed ramping of the market. How they are allowed to dispence such questionable investment advice is beyond me. As they say Let the buyer beware. I presume that because it is an american site that nobody cares. The last thing I saw from them used the words of an ''economist with a Phd'' as though that made the whole thing right.....there is one born everyminute still it seems. Do you know of anyother sites doing the same thing in paris (apart from listed estate agents obviously)?
  7. I see that some people are coming back from their holidays! I trust that everyone who reads this thread has had a good one..or at least a few days off. I expect to see a change in the 30 year rule for CGT exemption on foreign held property for french residents otherwise I believe property is such an easy target for taxation that we will see more of it in future right across Europe and not just in France.
  8. I think Red wine will indeed find it something to get his teeth into... As we get into the season for brits looking for properties I offer the following... There are plenty of properties on the market in the Lot and Dordogne region at present. The cheap stuff will move eventually, but just make offers at 30% below to flush out sellers at the higher price levels. Apart from the current rain it is a great place to live.! Paris has dropped a little in the last 3 months .......I would wait for further price drops, a credit downgrade ( of France, ) and ( a possile ) further improvement in the exchange rate before making an offer on anything. Actually my current advice would be to rent a house for a year in your chosen area and then start looking.
  9. Don't know if it's been posted earlier but there's a chap here not very happy about France. Quote WHY YOU SHOULD NOT BUY IN FRANCE." NOT FOR THE FAINT HEARTED. Contains distressing images which may cause your stomach to churn In my backwards, still-medieval little town of Les Arcs, in France where there are people without mains water, sewers, mains gas, and mains electricity , ( some without 3 of these ) http://sites.google....usfrancedotcom/ Some people are not happy all the time! However when starting this post it was just to discuss prices and their direction. I love the french and believe it is a great place to buy a house at a reasonable price If I thought it would attract rubbish like the site mentioned I would never have started it. I'm sure the majority of the people living in France are very happy to be there and enjoy the culture.
  10. With interest rates at record lows.. A government refusing to let the market find its real level... IMO....don't even think of buying. I have sold several flats since early 2008 and the prices are dropping. I would say about 15% down in LONDON if you actually want to sell.
  11. you can only put 15000 euros in a ''livret A'' per person . Where are you moving to? Good luck
  12. it is as they say...( a little lower down ) Difficile de vendre son bien aujourd'hui.......
  13. So just to keep to the point for a moment... Website MeilleursAgents.com, which collects data on house sales, announced earlier this week that it had seen Paris prices fall in the last two months by 3 percent accompanied by a drop in the number of transactions. So why do the Paris property rampers (selling mainly to north americans ) not get this info onto their sites???
  14. back to the point... PRICES IN AQUITANE down 2.6% in a year........(2010)
  15. Are prices going up or down at the moment in Hove? Looking for a 1 bed flat...
  16. The majority of the population are also very much behind the King and the current policies. I suggest you try saying that to the Plolitzario and other disenfranchised citizens and see what reaction you get. The market there is an accident waiting to happen....the French have lost interest as well. Take 10pence in the pound while you still can.
  17. I'm told the Paris market is going to go quiet just about now, June 2011. There have been some falls in Paris in the 17th .which have not been so widely reported as the 20% rises ,( not surprisingly.!!) .I suspect the party is over in Paris. In short the price falls predicted in this thread have now set in........ The rest of France ( not to get bogged down in detail ! ) is static for the most part. Which means, in real terms, that it is getting cheaper Great place to live though.
  18. Could someone explain to me what their problem is about paying this new proposed property tax,? A civilised society requires that tax is paid to pay for services. A cash economy sounds fine until you need medical help. No receipt for tax paid then no right to any services....seems fair to me. Still possible to buy a rundown property in the Dordogne for Euros 16.500 Can't go too far wrong at that price unless you spend money on it!
  19. Looks as though the news about the fall in the value of the Euro on monday will make French property that little bit more affordable for foreign buyers. But who will want to buy now if it could fall further? My own feeling is that the £ will hit parity with the Euro in the long term, and this is just going to be a little blip on the inevitable way down. Having just picked the first cherries raspberries and strawberries,I,m not sure that I really care!
  20. Despite this thread going off on a tangent sometimes the fact remains that the recent rise in interest rates by the ECB will keep the market flat. It will be a buyers market for a while yet.
  21. 40% would be a big correction but I can't see it happening at the moment. I sold a couple of flats a while back and have been astonished by the resiliance of the market since. Best wishes to all Picnic
  22. Organic vegetables do not pay the bills ! Hi Redwine, Grow your own and you will not have a bill. I have been stunned by the state of the Paris market recently so I am going there in december with a view to selling at the top of the market. Times are certainly going to get harder in France for the average family but the Paris market does not seem to be driven by M. et Mme. average . Intra Muros that is. Picnic PS May I say how much I enjoy catching up with this thread everso often . you do provide a great deal of info. Thankyou.
  23. yes I have tried to do as little as possible! Mind you I hear it is really nice in London too for a change! Personally I'm not into sand so the beach doesn't hold too much appeal. Do you think we should start a new thread for 2010?
  24. Hello everybody, As I am the person who started this thread, out of disgust at the ramping that was current at the time may I make the following comments.... I'm pleased to see there is still interest in the french market even if people are not buying as much as before! I've moved to SW France and can say it is really very nice indeed. I have had no desire to return to the UK ,except for parties etc. but have found many more social events to go to here which do not cost an arm and a leg to attend. The people have been very welcoming provided you join in . The Paris market has held up better than I thought but it remains a problem to get accurate figures on prices achieved. Given the current state of the economy (globally ) I can rest assured I will not starve and that ''things can only get better'' as we are now net producers of electricity.
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