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  1. In a previous place i lived the developer zoned the whole thing live/work which meant they didn't have to provide any affordable properties, although the low rent we paid on it and the amount of empty flats made it very affordable
  2. My brief foray into the industry was very much like that. The traders were mostly wide boys and the guys running the show were Gordonstone educated with an additional Duke to help them out.
  3. yuo say that like thamesmead isn't already a sink estate. the other problem is that lots of the apartment developments are in ruins because they got bought by the nigerian fraudsters and are whole blocks are lying empty with gutted interiors and rotting furniture on the balconys. I wouldn't buy them at any price. + the cynic in me has thought that the boom in 2 bed 'luxury' apartments was a government ruse to replenish the social housing stocks as they will compulsorily purchase them all in a years time and use them as council houses.
  4. Thamesmead will never take off because there is no infrastructure there or facilities, that and the fact it's sink housing of the worst order. It's a shame as the area had the potential to be very nice and convenient for workers. As for coldharbour lane, maybe it took off because all the media professionals need quick and easy access to crack on their doorsteps, unless they've cleaned up the road since i was last down that way 4 years ago
  5. so what is the solution to market failure in Injinworld?
  6. But certainly in the case of land it has all at some point been stolen, so at the very least the sale and ownership of land is handling stolen goods if not directly theft. And the initial creation of property is a theft of potential ownership of that property.
  7. I see your Taxation is Theft and counter that in fact all property is theft. In anarchist top trumps Proudhon beats Nozick.
  8. Every other shop on the main road next to where i live is an estate or lettings agent, off the top of my head i can think of about 15 in a 200m stretch i can't wait for them to all shut down!
  9. Most of the arsenal site seems to have been bought by BTLers, i have friends living there all moving out because the rents are too high and as soon as you leave the development you are in one of the roughest and cheapest areas of london.. That and the fact it's a pepetual build site.
  10. Round here in greenwich they are building 1 to 3 bed luxury flats by the bucketload still, they have only just started erecting another big block just behind maze hill station and there are hundreds of flats in teh final stages of completion as we speak with half a dozen new developments of luxury flats in teh process of starting.
  11. It's stuff like this which makes me thankful that my rent in se10 only went up from 975 to 1015 this year.. and smaller houses down the road are currently on the market for 650,000 and they say renting is a mugs game.
  12. Send them on a holiday to Zimbabwe to live with Van Whatsisface.
  13. Looking at others on the market on that road (which is not in the best of areas.....) loads have been bought up by 'developers' and done up as luxury places on the inside, atlhough all the other ones appear to be closer to 350,000. And i realised after the post that the 650,000 is smack bang next to the a2 rochester relief road/tunnel approach. Although the description does say it's handy for the a roads into london
  14. If any of you know the Blackheath area this may well amuse you. http://www.findaproperty.com/displayprop.a...p;agentid=08954 Some deluded investor has convinced themselves all of se3 is Blackheath village and turned a 3 bed 30's semi into a luxury dwelling. They will be lucky to sell it for more than 350000 even in a good market
  15. I want to know where all these mythical graduate jobs are! Although that said, i do have a degree in economics but chose to work in IT and after nearly 10 years have risen all the way to 35k a year, which is actually pretty good/average for it workers with degrees.... I'd love to know where all these graduate jobs which pay 40k+ after 2 years are Especially in Brighton, me and the missus planned to move down there a couple of years ago but as highly qualified IT techs couldn't find any decently paid work and couldn't justify the commuting costs!
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