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  1. Yep, despite Baroness Warsi being very confused. BNP are pushing for a No. http://www.bnp.org.uk/news/why-bnp-will-urge-%E2%80%9Cno%E2%80%9D-vote-av-referendum Understandable, as they'd unlikely pick up any 2nd/3rd preference votes outside their core support.
  2. The deposits weren't so 'socially useless' when the banks were cap in hand to obtain them to stop them going under. Idiots!
  3. The last crash was exactly the same, the recovery was always just around the corner in the papers.. all the way down. Why does anyone expect it to be different this time?
  4. Exactly! Where were all these clowns while all this was in full swing? I'm getting peed of all these suggestions AFTER it was needed! All this 'Oh we should put multiple caps in' and 'reasonable LTVs' and you know at some point in the future it'll all be repealed or never implemented so the tragedy can start again. F****ts! :angry:
  5. RE: running the printers Although there are some relatively sound economies in the Eurozone, I'm always wondering about some of them. Like Italy loves a bit of devaluation, and I'm surprised Ireland hasn't had a coronary yet. Although parity is certainly a high possibility, my cynical brain wonders where the wheels will fall off where no-one is looking.
  6. I don't think I'm surprised. Would you expect a chart to do a straight line plummet for the next couple of years? There's always bumps in the road. Look at it from last time, the drops are at different speeds. As a poster pointed out on here, MBS is dead, you wont see anything like you have in the past years until the next great idea of financial leveraging appears (And unless it's done with something like old bean cans.) Lots of people who I know who think it might be 'back on' next year just don't understand where all this money came from, and why it's unlikely re-appear soon.
  7. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/7790695.stm They'll all know they're junk, and they got them for xmas. Seems Santa is handing out coal!
  8. Eh?? They've already increased public spending like mad. What's the current ratio of the working population already in the public sector?
  9. As much as it might seem flawed to draw such parallels, but a lot of this stuff has happened before. I'm drawn to Gailbraith's book on the Depression, the summoning of great giants of business and industry to save the day. I'd guess that this might be that same 'play'.
  10. Totally unelectable, strange how history repeats itself http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U9Aa3NqYXo0
  11. Why is anybody surprised that articles like this appear? Read the newspapers from last time, it seemed amongst the gloom, the recovery was always 'just around the corner'... all the way down to the bottom. I expect the same to happen this time.
  12. My old AI lecturer used to hate IQ tests and reckoned that the only thing they showed was how good someone was at taking IQ tests. Calculators are 'intelligent' if your measure of intelligence is being good at maths. Lacking a clear definition of 'intelligence' is one of the barriers to 'hard' AI, which is why it got discussed.
  13. Quiet down Injin! There's always people around who believe things like words really are the things they point at, you'll be getting us shot!!
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