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  1. Thank you all. I will check the agreement. The flat is in Essex 2 bed not in a great location (on a high st by a Kebab shop!) I rent at £650pcm and it is on a £168K. I am tempted to move out as it is very noisy. It was only going to be for a few month as I was buying a house that fell through. I am now tempted to rent for another 6 months to see what happens to the market.
  2. I am after some advice. I am renting a 2 Bed flat. I am on a 6 month contract which finishes 3rd July. The Landlord throught the letting agent said that they were happy to extend the lease on a Month by Month basis as long as I like. However a look on Rightmove has revealed that the flat has been put up for sale. The agent asked to come and make a valuation for insurance purposes but took it upon themselves to take pictures of the flat and my possesions! Now what I would like to know is: 1) Do I have the right to refuse people coming round to view the property? 2) Should I move out at the end of the month (an option I am willing to do) so to avoid this inconvenience? 3) How should I approach the agent about taking pictures without my permission. Any advice appreciated...
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