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  1. considering how fantastic you are , you still come over as being a twit ghost (female, cant afford to get pissed, selling up to live in a caravan,(having reduced the price of my cheap house by the way, not exactly money grabbing )
  2. so when you eventually buy somewhere, and the time comes for you to sell it , i take it your going to sell it for exactly the same price you bought it for to another ftb, ? hmmm i dont think so
  3. house opposite me went up for sale 2 weeks ago at £79,950, my cousin was interested and rung E.A wanting to view at the end of last week and they say its sold . the next door house to it went up a week ago (@ £78,950 )and has got a day of viewings on sat , one bloke is coming to view ours half an hour before he looks at it , so maybe i should mention the old dear who lived there snuffed it in the bedroom (evil laff !!) i have reduced my price from £69,995 to £67,500 oh and i was surprised to see people in all 4 of our E.A on the main rd through keighley today !!
  4. you haven't taken into account the millions of kids born to parents living in council houses
  5. ''I had been thinking for some time about moving somewhere smaller because the children have left home. But I can't afford to now because I won't be able to find anything I like for £380,000. Prices in Marlow are very high.' sad cow
  6. 8 Nov 2002 5 Barley Street, Keighley, West Yorkshire BD22 7DB Terraced £32,950 12 Mar 2004 5 Barley Street, Keighley, West Yorkshire BD22 7DB Terraced £102,500
  7. got 2 sets of viewers coming this weekend 1 FTB, + 1 bloke thats sold his house,
  8. but wont the guests be sleeping in the 2nd bed room not the 2nd bathroom?
  9. just to compare, new in last 14 days within 5 mile rad. of keighley =16
  10. they all seemed really keen and made imediate offers when they'd viewed, the last one even begged us not to let anyone else view, they went to our estate agents morgage advisor who said they couldnt afford it
  11. sorry ment to add, am i looking at a drop of 10,000 or more on the price do you think ?
  12. ive found loads of places i could have bought !! thats whats so bloody annoying about not having sold ours ! as for remorgaging , we're trying to get out of having a morgage i know it sounds strange to most people, that we are not trying to get a bigger better house and a fitted kitchen, conservatory etc, all we want is a bit of land, an old building that we could eventually live in(im talking flintstones as opposed to grand designs !!) electricity would be nice, and a hut for my chucks (i've got 16 )
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