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  1. The money you saved will be wiped out during your next holiday in the Eurozone or America. Don't complain when you check-out of the hotel...
  2. BoE are "independant" remember. So independant that after Mervyn King has meeting with the PM... the next morning he cuts rates.
  3. Bloody disgrace...I've had enough of this country. I'm leaving when things have settled down in the next 18 months.
  4. Watching it also. Finally someone who knows what the hell he is talking about. I had to turn the mute on my tv when I watched Question Time on Oct 2nd...Jacqui Smith is laughable.
  5. I thought the same thing when it was announced we won the bid. My gut feeling hasn't changed...
  6. Get your facts sorted. http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/base-rates.php You should also look at the months some of the countries started to raise rates. Unlink BoE, these central banks were not worried about the media and public moaning about higher mortgage payments. The BoE and the US Fed are a bunch of clowns...too busy pleasing their lunch buddies who work in the financial sector.
  7. Agree. Well written. On another note...if our government stops us transferring money to another country or doesn't allow citizens to buy gold...then you know things are really bad.
  8. Wicked graph...some scary stuff. Poor bastards who bought a home in the last 4 years....
  9. When they stop us buying Gold or depositing our savings in a foreign bank(Swiss)...watch out.
  10. £1 Billion of tax payers money to bail out homeowners who took out high risk loans. The same morons who thought house prices would continue to rise so they could sell and climb the ladder. Let's not just blame the bastards at the banks for giving them large loans without a second thought. Even SkyNews tonight..."the sub-prime in USA caused all this". Yeah, blame the Americans for everything. FFS. God help us all.
  11. Laughable analysis and it clearly shows your lack of facts...past and present. I can't be bothered to go into detail...
  12. House prices will plummet further, price of gold and oil will go through the roof the very next day. Commodity bull run continues...
  13. Georgia is not yet part of NATO and if they were, the battles would be fought in the breakaway regions. We wouldn't see American tanks on the road to Moscow...
  14. Who said the Americans would attack first? Do you think Russia is that stupid to use nuclear tactical weapons? It would be conventional and probably last about a month before U.N. got a ceasefire. Worse case scenario of course...
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