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  1. You stated in one post that you'd lived in Seattle for 3 years but now state you didn't live here after all. Now you've realized you've been caught out and quickly change your story. I knew you were lying when you said you'd lived here because of you have no idea what the weather is like, apart from relying on website information about rainfall. I hope that is clear to you in your made up world. So your imaginary brother lives in Oregon and he knows best about the weather in a completely different place; a place that is surrounded by mountainous terrain that affects weather. Who is he, Stevie
  2. Do you actually read my posts? I've stated infrastructure more than once. Why do you keep quoting 93%? You cannot build on all the land. Where did you live in Seattle? So you're telling me you lived here for 3 years and never noticed the sunshine, that big glowing thing hanging out above you from June through until October? Manchester has a 1000hours of sunshine and Seattle has over 2000hours. So you think Manchester's weather is better even though there's 50% less sunlight. Nowhere in England has more sunshine hours than Seattle, but you never saw any sunshine and you lived here 3 years
  3. Yes, totally agree. I have darker skin than most of the new arrivals, because I spend so much time outdoors. Most immigrants, I've met in England, are polite, and some are well educated and employed below their optimal level. I think only a dimwit would take their frustration out on the individuals; my frustration has always been with the deliberate government policy. The government and big business (same thing) wanted cheap labour. I think the British are amongst the most tolerant people on the planet. They have put up with high house prices, wage suppression, unprecedented immigration l
  4. Yes, I did state the irony; just read my original post and stop being lazy. The UK is one of the most densely populated countries in Europe. You cannot expand populations dramatically because it places stresses on infrastructure, which is exactly what has happened since the unprecedented influx. Seattle is known for having the best summers in the whole of the USA. They are perfect and wonderfully consistent. There is almost no rain in the summer. Our rain appears in November but Miami and other cities get way more rain than we do per annum. It hardly ever gets cold here. Please sta
  5. I can agree about the homelessness problem. Seattle's response is to throw more and more tax money at the problem without dealing with the underlying issues. Seattle, like LA and New York, has good homeless services, which attracts some of the homeless people to the city from out of state. From anecdotal evidence I see mental illness and drug abuse as the main problem; the drug users need to be removed from the source of the drugs i.e the city. I was more surprised about the homeless in Vancouver, Canada. A drug user tried to get into my 4x4 while it was moving, which wasn't a good idea.
  6. I think people are using the word, in this thread, to mean someone with racial prejudices. i.e. if you are for Brexit you are racist. If you are a Remainer you are a wonderful human being, living a world of unicorns and glitter. Then again, there seems to be confusion between Quisling and Quidditch. I can imagine Theresa May flying around on a broomstick, so I guess it's not a massive leap.
  7. You seriously thought that a commonly used word was contrived by JK Rowling? That's hilarious.
  8. Yes, because LA is representative of the whole USA, like London is representative of the UK.
  9. In my original post I stated it was ironic I emigrated due to immigration. Before sniping, I would urge you to read. As I have clearly stated, immigration is not a bad thing; the unprecedented numbers are the problem. This policy was deliberate. What could possible go wrong allowing without infrastructure planning on a tiny island? The weather in Seattle is superb. I'm assuming you've never lived here? If you did you'd know that the summers are amazing. What has being white got to do with the price of fish? You are bringing out the race card. Why? My anecdotal evidence is that most o
  10. Your 'virtue signalling' is another form of government mind control. You call me a bigot because I think Theresa May is a quisling? If someone has a difference of opinion to you they must be a bigot? Yes, very logical and part of the reason the country is sinking. I'm not sure I understand your logic, probably because you're unable to use logic. The people voted for Brexit but the exit is being deliberately butchered by the EU's lackey. Theresa May was a Remainer, so it's no surprise. I left the UK and adhered to rigorous US immigration law and paid for the privilege. I have assimilated and re
  11. Immigration control, including criminal background checks, are the only sensible approach. It allows for proper assimilation. Blair's divisive policies have alienated Britons. Merkel's reckless policies are sowing the seeds for civil war.
  12. Spot on, it does feel like 2005/2006 all over again. i.e. just before all hell broke loose. Perhaps Gordon Brown will save us all again?
  13. Yes, Tony Blair and Nu Labour started this. Unprecedented immigration is a fact. I guess it's useful if you want your Porsche cleaned at Waitrose though. I never mentioned Muslims but you, being mind controlled, assumed that's what I meant by religion. Britain does not have free speech. Trump and Obama are controlled by the elites; they are all cut from the same cloth. I would have preferred that the UK hadn't been disfigured by unfettered immigration. There's nothing wrong with immigration; the UK needs immigrants but the UK didn't need unfettered immigration. It destroys jobs for Brito
  14. I'm well aware that the elites run the whole show, and I didn't emigrate to paradise, but Seattle has worked out well for me over the last 10+ years. I was unemployed in Britain for a long while and was refused benefits, whilst Blair was cynically filling the country up with immigrants at unprecedented levels. If I lose my job, here in Seattle, the unemployment insurance kicks in at 500 pounds a week. Yes, I know that the British consider the USA to a violent place, with no healthcare, etc. My experience is very difference. I work hard, get paid well, get health insurance, don't have to queue
  15. I left the UK over 10 years ago because the Blair government's cynical destruction of wages and jobs via unprecedented immigration. It was ironic that I felt forced emigrate because of immigration. The Brexit result filled me with some hope, because I still have friends and family in the UK and fear for their future. What I'm currently seeing is the deliberate frustration of Brexit by the government, or more precisely, the government puppeteers. Theresa May must either be stupid or an EU quisling. The elites sneer at the British public and control every move; they give the impression that vote
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