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  1. you muppet...these are VI opinions, not fundamentals. please do try again...fundamentals please
  2. As for the West Coast and more specifically Perth and the SW region, real estate is still on the up! Price of 600 sqm of land has risen as much as $100k in 5- 6 months. This is crazy speculation IMO. The arguments and spin from the VI is the resources boom and migration into WA from interstate and overseas. Such is the frenzy here that people are camping out to secure that postage stamp sized square/rectangle sandpit. The recent interest rate rise may lead to a slow down, but unless there are consecutive rises in the coming months, then we will see more land being snapped up. IMO, the pric
  3. Ben Elton now lives most of the year in Perth WA.
  4. yes, In Australia: civil engineering and most construction industry professions pay equal or more. not to mention the geotechnical, oil, gas & mining sectors. Pay is double. edit: I left Scotland in 1998 for work reasons.ie more opportunities. Went to SE England first before emigrating to Oz.
  5. ...44years...tho I wasnt a prolific BTL millionaire Be next shot
  6. Your spot on...the only industries in most regional areas are tourism and farming. Up north its mining as well, but most workers for that are on fly in fly out contracts ..from the Oz cities.
  7. In Australia, the state of NSW brought in a vendor tax(2.25% of sale value) on top of stamp duty in august 2004 ...it has now been scrapped....after only 1 year..This only applied to sales of BTL/investment properties. The effect tho' was pronounced, negative impact on prices causing the biggest whinge obviously from the VI
  8. In scotland it's midnight curfew.....ye lightweight monkeys To add, In Australia, there is the RSA( responsibility of serving alcohol) card which is a must for all bartenders...basically this means they have the responsibility to serve alcohol to people who are not already pissed... easy done when you are monitoring drink consumption of individuals in 1 establishment.....I know....after 4or 5 schooners( 3/4pints) in a Sydney 24hour pub i was told to leave. But what about the pub crawl and peeps buying rounds?????
  9. Just one thing. the fault lies with the lenders in this. They have been lax up till now....Will they be so lax from now on? To say you wish for a gradual decline is realy up to the mortgage lenders. After all they have to do valuations.
  10. Here's one Look out for their car and stick an HPC leaflet in the window wiper
  11. Stumped. Oh well...will be keeping tabs on glasgow's future house prices too. Should things go tits up down here on the Indian Ocean coast, I hope they will be affordable again.
  12. Hahhahahaha Me thinks you are sitting by Rosco's( name may have changed lately) or perhaps Clatty Pat's on G Western Rd. PS. Money laundering gangsters.....you are probably right.
  13. EK is a social engineering nightmare( a newtown) like cumbernauld. Roundabout city like Milton Keynes in the south for those darn south to envisage. I lived in Newton Mearns, and although there are some expensive areas and big houses, there are also some less expensive props.( although for the ave income in Glasgow, too expensive) Me thinking Crookfur/Rylands and whatever else they have built over by the M77. A good place for family, but a bit souless coz it's suburban with no pub.
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