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  1. Why not take it to its logical conclusion. Do away with money itself. It has had its uses over the centuries, but is now obsolete as a measure of a person's wealth. What of the billionairres who have spent so much time and effort amassing their large digital figures? Well, what of them.
  2. A market has 2 halves. If there is indeed pend up demand, there is matching pent up supply. The desperate to buy may be willing to overstretch. Equally the desperate to sell should be willing to compromise. I think the latter is going to be the most desperate, as no-one is ever that desperate to buy. There are always other options. Rent, stay at parents, wait to inherit, leave the country, etc. Whereas if you are in a house you have to leave, you really will resort to desperate measures when selling becomes more urgent.
  3. In time, the folk that have all bought during the boom and were most pleased with themselves will start to realise that the kids they have had will be screwed. It is just quite hard for us HPCers to fathom how long the general public's logic deduction process takes, as we all got it a decade ago.
  4. We can't really afford to keep government offices and debating chambers in a palace in central london either. Taxpayers should be afforded that judgement call.
  5. The issue the BBC are clearly trying to point out is the fact that the "housing ladder" no longer exists. That is why our learned estate agent protagonist has to over-reach for the 4 bedroom house now. R.I.P. the housing ladder.
  6. Finland are considering an alternative to benefits, a citizen's wage. Source: www.bbc.co.uk/news
  7. Put it this way. If a VJ day was needed to save our post TTIP country I would just stand by and laugh as the Kitchener style "Your corporation needs you" posters went up. Edit: sp
  8. Bet they outsourced IT to India. Who are of course culturally obliged to always overpromise. The manager who did so, saving a small fortune at the time, will be long gone of course. I recommend anyone banking with them gets ahead of the queues to withdraw their cash now!
  9. If house prices surge again without a radical increase in new homes it will become "unaffordable to exist" in parts of Britain for the young, the property group JLL has warned. So panning out the logic to it's actual conclusion: If no-one is able to afford to buy a meagre house in the future, the market will no longer be sustainable as there will be no buyers (only the odd reshuffling of existing owners) and therefore it is logically impossible for house prices to "surge" again. Furthermore, as JLL have concluded (in not as many words) that HPI is an impossibility, it necessarily meant a house price collapse it inevitable. Thanks JLL!
  10. Have you heard people from Essex speaking, they all sound rather special needs. Perhaps it is just the regional accent. You would have to be at least on the spectrum to want to spend this type of money on a house (the OP's money).
  11. The "right thing" is to be a happy, vacant consumer. Just like the ones the Lloyds TSB adverts excel in portraying us as.
  12. A lot of people lease their car. It is no longer an indication of wealth at all, but an indicator of debt in many cases. Perhaps this is what appeals to the thick oiks.
  13. Managers may have been middle class once. Before what i observe to be "manager inflation" - a phenomenon whereby ordinary workers get to be managers just by having worked at a place for more than 18 months. Hence we get to the point where most people at any given workplace are "managers". You end up with no clear management usually as they are all still the same workers despite the job title inflation.
  14. Our cherished president now wants to form an actual army: http://www.theguardian.com/world/2015/mar/08/jean-claude-juncker-calls-for-eu-army-european-commission-miltary (Guardian) http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/russia/11457872/Create-an-EU-army-to-keep-back-the-Russians-Jean-Claude-Juncker-suggests.html (Telegraph) Don't worry though comrades, as long as you obey your federal superstate's leaders you will be safe enough I'm sure. When has a dictatorship with a huge army ever posed a threat before? Those links will most likely be buried by the morning, read them whilst you can.
  15. Those BTLs must be costing a small fortune in maintenace costs.
  16. Don't get how builders would get away with raising the cost bt 20% and then making a 20% "discount". All the buyer has to do is look at what an identical house on the new estate sold for last year and take off 20% - and then some more as obviously houses don't sell for the full asking price. If the asking price has not gone down, a potential buyer would have to be stupid to even look at it. It is not like supermarket tricks, this is the biggest purchase a person will ever make. Fake discounts will undoubtably be exposed by our dilligent media.
  17. A contributions based benefit system (as used in the rest of the world) - witchcraft!
  18. They are too big for a failing state not to invest in!
  19. Interesting indeed. I was convinced that radio 4's remit was to continuously harp on about Islamic terrorists and paedophiles. I had no idea they did this other stuff, must be on at some obscure hour.
  20. We are now at the start of a huge deflationary cycle - even the energy companies have given price cuts a passing thought. Before ignoring it. But everything else (barring house prices obviously) is getting cheaper. Interest doesn't matter, and nor do banks. They might try and entice me to switch to them for £100 cash. But I and anyone else who was around 20 years ago and remembers being offered the same amount to switch bank accounts back then will be thinking if a bank has no grasp of the basic concept of interest. well. Deflation will get locked in!
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