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  1. Sh!tting hell you're on the money!... the BBC are breaking this:
  2. The Russians are way more advanced militarily than people realise. The Sukhoi SU-77 Foxhat is a state of the art counter-counter-electronic, hypersonic fighter that could turn any Nato aircraft into a flying bin liner at the touch of a paddle-switch. Also, the new Tupolev TU-91A Botfot has stealth technology so secret and so advanced that it's own pilot can't see it while in flight. Even that pales into comparison when you see the Mikhoyan Mig-58 Nitslit with subterranean flight capability and invisible sex cloak. As for ground forces, the new main battle tank, the T-97 is hugely powerful and weighs more than some big sheds. The old T-72s and even the US Abrams would be flattened within seconds by its massive great big gun and hefty other stuff. We are like so dead.
  3. Oh, that's nowt. Just wait til the Olympics are over. *coughs up blood*
  4. Not too bad, as it goes. This bloody smog's getting on my tits, mind.
  5. I still think it's bo11ox, if that's any help (the man-made variety, anyway).
  6. thetruthseeker.co.uk looks like an extremely credible source of news. It also reports that the Asian tsunami was "the greatest war crime in history", "chemical traces of high explosives found in WTC debris" and has an article on "Eisenhower's death camps". Welcome, you'll fit in well around here. This South Ossetia thing has got to be the Illuminati at it again, hasn't it?
  7. Quite right, Georgia's been in the EU for like ages, hasn't it? I bet Russia Today is a beacon of unbiased reporting.
  8. Must be down to man made global warming, obviously. Or climate change deniers.
  9. Yeah, and these guys claiming the Earth is flat, I'm just going to jump off the edge...oh, hang on a minute.
  10. I heard this guy (the writer of Burn Up) being interviewed on Radio 4 a few days ago. While he was getting all sweaty and excited about his remarkable powers as a seer, predicting global meltdown etc, he let slip that, when writing this piece of incisive future realism, they'd decided to keep the oil price below $100 per barrel as anything more seemed far-fetched. "And look" he simpered, "it's way above that now". This, he implied, demonstrated his remarkable gift of second sight. Unfortunately, his predicted $95 (or whatever) in "Burn Up" led to anarchy and- to him and his ilk- the long-awaited death of global Capitalism. Seeing as the actual price got over $140 and nothing of the like happened, I'd say that this proves he is a) wrong & b ) a bellend.
  11. Unlike NuLabor's own financial genius who made a killing selling off the country's gold reserves at half price. Oh.
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