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  1. I would say that this is fairly significant!! nothing on sky.. well that I can find anyway! http://business.scotsman.com/bankinginsura...es39.3953718.jp Seems to be hushed up?
  2. Yep, house near where I live was on the market beginning of last year at £170k, reduced to £160k and I believe they then moved to a new estate agent who advertised as new to the market around October last year at £149k.. then reduced to £140k... then moved back to original EA who marked up at £129k and then reduced to £124K and has just STC!!!! So.... corrections are happening on overpriced houses!
  3. +1 and I think it is still dependant on a number of factors.. location being one and employment etc. Still interesting to see the media are not holding back now.
  4. and you can be certain that they will be ready and waiting once the cull begins.. capatilzing on the mistake of poor and owning even more...
  5. Just goes to show that all the money in the world still cannot buy you class.....
  6. Personally I think its a wind up... you seriously do not believe her do you? even though she probably speaks a lot of truth? Fraudbuster... some people must be bored out there!
  7. Good luck to you and wish you all the best! and yes you are right, there has been an influx of the usual "bandwagon jumpers" claiming they saw the crash etc etc.. yawn. I am kind of bored of it as many other members are at the moment. When the crash/correction comes, then we can see the fallout from this crash that many spend hours a day hoping will happen... keep on waiting as a full on crash may even take another year before it really starts to impact home owners in terms of prices etc. Many will simply not move and as long as they can continue to afford thier repayments and be responsible I would imagine many to see through this storm. There will be casulties, we have a higher number of people living in the UK so when people start talking stats on how repos are more than they were in the 90s... course its going to be when you take into account there are more houses in the UK than there was 15 years ago, more money (questyionable I agree) and more people. Yes there are factors going on in the market at the moment, banks have shut up shop but that does not mean they are not looking for new business.. they are and at profit with ridiculous APRs and arrangement fees for those who have the money to buy vs ex council tennants or migrants looking to capatilise on this "booming" market. Most of the posts of recent gloat about how poor homeowners will be and how its all thier own fault, seems to me like this site should now be called "councilhousetennantsandlowclassworkerswithnomoneywhohateallhomeownerscrash. co.uk" because that is all you seem to read about lately. People are buying and buying at the right prices factoring in corrections of upto 30% which to me is sensible and calculated desicion based on risk. Most of the pr1cks on here seem to think that we will soon be able to buy houses for £10k again.. somehow I do not think so and even the most ardent bear will have to admit that a correction of around 40% is probably most realistic and that again is dependant on that now immortal "location, location, location". Now.. odds on when the next black post pops up when the ftse tanks.....
  8. I thought it would have been higher than that.. I know of one bank that is selling loans when offered at aprs of 28% and when you get conned into taking protection makes up a monthly return of around £700.. total cost of borrowing over £50k on a £20K loan...... How times have changed..
  9. For the masses.. we may see a return to mass council houses or rental properties through private companies.. who knows but I see rental being a more viable opportunity for your average joe as lenders continue to close doors on anything that is "subprime" or high risk. those who do own may be stuck with thier house for the rest of the life due to the size of thier debt and those "lucky" enough will be able to move on or downsize but will they? Financial borrowing has died a sudden death in the UK and will take years to recover, wonder what the decline rates are at the moment for loans, credit cards etc? My guess is high... very high and those who are having thier applications approved are looking at rates of anything upto 25%
  10. My understanding is that they can set a deadline to complete and if you fail to complete the offer is void regardless of the 6 months or so you have from when you are offered. I truly believe home ownership will become a thing of the past once we see through this "uncertainty"
  11. SO your saying HBOS has not leant a penny for the last 6 months?? I doubt that.... in fact 100% guaranteed they have been lending for the last 6 months.
  12. My take on it is that banks have always made business and more money out of so called subprime customers by inflating interest rates for less borrowings.. AKA known as rate for risk (rip off). Pure greed has set in over the last few years due to a change in lending criteria allowing sub-sub prime customers access to finance. It is true that good customers are not profitable, poor customer are who default and pay additonal charges on top of higher rates, these are the ones who make money for banks through late payment charges etc. Has anyone recently tried applying for a loan over £15k? you are looking at rates of or over 20%.... Make no mistake, banks are still making money out of this, people are still applying and taking out mortages and other financial products.. allbeit at higher rates... which means more profit. NR customers who remortgage or require additonal funds will be able to do so... but at cost.. a cost that is only profitable to a bank.. and I daresay that NR in a few years will probably turn into a profitable bank once again on the back of providing ripp off mortgages to those with poor credit histories.
  13. Was not sure where to put this but this is serious news... Wonder when the others will follow suit..
  14. Surely, palestinians who were living there were "people" from this same "land without a people?" What happened to all the palestinian settlements? did they all voluntarily leave thier homes to make way for Israelis? was the land completely free from habitation?
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