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  1. 2010 has seen an increase in HPI as the best quality houses have sold in an environment of very few sales, gendering a falsely high value overall, coupled with London prices being (ludicrously) included in National Averages. Public Sector cutbacks and redundancies. NHS restructure (more redundancies). Continued Private Sector slimming down. (Non employment Recovery). Gradual tightening of household budgets. Control of Housing Benefit and hence reduction of Buy to Let market. All point to gradual attrition of HPI over the next three to five years. 20% fall over next 3 to 5 years.
  2. Brought to you, actually, by MacDonalds. PN
  3. The old man ran a burger bar at the side of the road. He saved enough to send his son to College. His son came back in the summer holidays. "Dad ! They told me at College there would be a "Double Dip" !" "Gee, son. Business has been good and I was about to order more buns and more beef. What do you think I should do ?" "Well, they say it will be terrible. No-one will be able to buy anything due to the Osterity Mergers." "That sounds bad, son. Maybe I'll cancel my orders." "Yes, Dad. And they say there be Fizzcal Cutbacks." "Wow ! Fizzcal Cutbacks. That sounds awful. I think I'll only open on Tuesdays and Fridays instead of all week." So, Dad cut back his orders and only opened two days a week. And, what do you know ? His cashflow fell to the point where he went out of business. Moral: When the going gets tough...... the tough still need to eat their burgers.
  4. Can you supply the link, bs, so that I can see the charts, please ?
  5. HPI was artificially boosted in 2004/2005 by dropping Interest Rates at a time which Mervyn King later admitted (he voted against it) was bad economics. Now, IRs cannot be adjusted any further downwards. In 2008/9, Labour artificially boosted FTBs hopes with various schemes. Now, there is simply no money left to operate any schemes. BTL involvement is being slightly modified by CGT increase. (to 50%?) The last thing propping up HPI is Housing Benefit. And benifits will now be curbed. Gradually, every single thing that Labour did to desperately keep the pot boiling is being taken away or at least reduced. I firmly believe that, now, we will see the proper correction of HPI that has long been needed..... since about 2002. Bring it on, I say.
  6. I'm still wondering where this 160 tons of gold appeared from. It seems to have suddenly materialised when someone did some sums. Listen, Sheikh El Hagbag - it either appeared out of a camel's bum while nobody was watching or else, my old friend, you were .... FOOKIN' WELL HIDIN' THE STUFF !!!!!
  7. "recently valued at £2,600,000 and we are seeking to achieve £2,000,000". Oh really - how generous of you. And why would that be, then, eh ?
  8. The rents aren't so bad in Housing Association properties. You just have to put up with Ms Next Door's boyfriends scraping their knuckles on the path as they visit, clearing up the vomit on the pavement twice a week, wearing ear plugs for 80% of your home life and shopping around to find an Insurance Company that will give you a reasonable premium on eight claims a year for keyed paintwork. (Prefer private myself. As if you didn't guess
  9. The Englishman's Concise Compendium (Fifth Edition) regards them as "discontinuously reciprocal". I hope that clears the matter up. Or, as The Oxford Liturgical Directory would have us say.... clears up the matter.
  10. •REDUCED! SUPERIOR TERRACED FAMILY HOME •FITTED TO A HIGH SPECIFICATION •A MUST FOR VIEWING, DON'T MISS OUT The words "Superior" "High Spec" and "Must View" are all irrelevant. Only the word "Reduced" shows the true worth of this cretinous mix of undesirability. One can only wait for the much needed word "again" to be added......
  11. Highly likely, I think, MT. Anyone owning a tasteless monstrosity like that should never allow themselves to be glimpsed in public.
  12. You are clearly unfamiliar with position 245 in the Kama Sutra... "Blending the WingWang with the Open Flower whilst dropping brain tissue on the carpet"
  13. Glad that the consumption of rotting flesh works for you, TS. These forthcoming budget cuts will mean nothing to you, I can see. All I need is the sky above me... a tin hat... and a dead rat, once a day.... mmmm.... bliss.
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