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  1. No. and do you know why? ....Its because you just sent the glass eye next to me fast asleep!!
  2. No need to be like that now was there?! are you always this boring? Who even started this topic about this young man?
  3. No i expect you are lacking length in the pants though!! tata!
  4. haha!! ok.. EA are scum??? insults? im not the one who started abusing a 16yr old kid over the internet! How about you keep your opinions to yourself next time. sorry for sticking up for him.
  5. no its pricks like you who don't have a clue what they are on about?! You have nothing better to do than right comments on some sad forum about people who you know can't defend themselves! Bore off!!
  6. oooooo no!!! gutted! One think that does puzzle me though is what everyones problem is with this kid? does anyone care to enlighten me? It appears that your making harsh and uncalled for comments about someone who can't defend himself.
  7. You feeling alright? But seriously now you could send a glass eye to sleep!!
  8. What? and your gonna give this 16yr old a slap??haha! good one!!
  9. what does it matter? If you don't know about estate agency why question what this lad is doing? I think he has made a wise decision. Have you got any issue with this?
  10. Well im not sure if you have a clue about estate agency?But you need to have qualifications which means it dosen't matter what age you are, you still won't be able to deal with offers ect. So before you say anything its probably best to get your facts right first?!ok.
  11. and where are you getting this information? to start off with you can't even spell so i think that you could spend a few more years in school!! Secondly what is your occupation at the moment? You spend most of the day on a computer making up awful jokes...take a look at yourself in the mirror, i don't expect its a very pretty sight. Give the kid a break!
  12. have you got a life??? hope you have been polishing that glass eye!
  13. well personally i think that u could send a glass eye to sleep!!! you're boring! next.....
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