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  1. I know there are lots of fans of cars on this forum so would like know if you are familiar with the new rules coming into force. The main thing is the principle of "Hierarchy of users". This is basically where a pedestrian holds the least responsibility, a cyclist next, then a motorcycle etc. and is based on the idea of capacity to do most harm. I would put up a link but I hate that "We see you're using an adblocker" thing, Sure you can get the main points in your way. What do people think, more of the War On The (oh, so persecuted) Motorist?
  2. Unless you have the correct permission it is illegal to stockpile, in your garage say, large amounts of petrol and diesel. Pretty sure its not a lot that you are allowed to keep in the garage, a few tens of litres or something.
  3. Friend of mine got furloughed and spent the whole time doing up his property in a nice part of Kent. Flogged it off and paid off the mortgage and brought a BTL** in his (much cheaper) home city where, conveniently, his partner (flush with London equity) had just purchased a very nice six bedder detached. He's moving in with her and keeping his job, so assuming his BTL or relationship don't go to the crapper he's should be sorted. **Yet another person I know who's gone LL.
  4. I've loved refugees since I was a kid when one teacher wrote on my school report "***** (smash) is a refugee from work"
  5. Don't think CH4 were experiencing a broadcasting issue today, more internal problems. I tuned into Grand Designs at 9pm and that was having blank "coming back soon" at the commercial breaks. I love Grand Designs, this week it was a concrete and (lack of glass) monstrosity on a busy road in Sussex. Completely un-sellable and four years of hard graft and debts for the amateur architects.
  6. Absolutely disgusting abuse of our England hero's who took us to the final.
  7. "Taking the knee...being against racism in sport..boo..hoo..hoo" Crybaby CUCK yerself fella.
  8. Traitor ! But to be serious I've loved this tournament and will hoping for an England win. It won't be easy as Italy it seems can play both games; attack like phuck and defend like phuck as is required. Certainly the Italy/Spain game showed that its an entire Roman army around their goal, their weak point could be that nasty defender who may give away a penalty. We will see.
  9. Sure its been said on here before but prices are insane in Winchester, totally insane. Pretty good location but those prices might as well be west London.
  10. Reddit tells me that people who have transferred money to Binance have received a text from Barclays today saying that Barclays cant do that anymore. I put in a poxy amount of money into Dogechit 3 months-ish ago using my Barclays debit card and purchased through the Trust Wallet app before I set up a Kraken account and put it in there and converted to BTC. OK I'm down on my initial 35% increase in three weeks on Dogeshit but the point is that Trust Wallet is Binance owned and I never received a text message from Barclays today.
  11. Ahh, I see that upthread winkie but twas CH4 news that got me to watch it. There is also a film called "A Civil Action" staring John Travolta on a similar subject. Also "Michael Clayton" follows a similar theme, Clooney taking down Swinton is one of my faves of all time.
  12. I watched this pretty good film last night on this subject. Available on google movies.
  13. Couldn't you go to El Salvador and spend a holiday emptying ATMs of USD and just bring it back, how would the FCA know?
  14. Friend of mine turned over a house in Clapham in a couple of years (sold in 2008) to realise mad gainz and then buy outright a nice house in Devon. He loves to joke that the clincher for the sale in Clapham was the nice new door mat with "Home" on it - "I'm sure it was that £10 door mat"
  15. Yes, I actually like the architecture of the house (as i suspect PeanutButter does, I could be wrong) but all that excessive tat and ghastly dining chairs etc. is yucky, big makeover required. I know Camberwell Grove quite well but not as well as Hampstead Garden Suburb and Oh Lordy you want to see some of the stuff in those status mansions; sculptures with an Ayn Rand theme funny as. In contrast I worked in one that was a retro fit and this was '70s custom built with water feature bridge to the entrance and all original furniture. It was a pristine time warp that reminded me of some of the sets in Kubrick's Clockwork Orange, the moulded colourful dining chairs were absolutely hilarious, a perfect museum house, from the '70s. The elderly lady who lived there spent all her time chain smoking in the kitchen watching TV with her chauffeur bored out of his mind in the garden along with gardeners coming and going etc. Hilarious house, something to do with her late husband and now herself owning a patent for a medical device.
  16. Beyond hilarious. You is the bloke who describes the SNP as "A hate based organisation" The Irish as "A hostile nation" and the French and the EU along similar lines. Now you're calling our Prime Minister "A bit of a clown". My worst fears of this clusterfvck have come true I fear, its the perpetual victim complex. Enmity everywhere, which is indicative of your social engagement, no one else's.
  17. LEDs are a no-brainer, use less juice and last much longer. You can get filament style for lamps and decorative applications. I've got dozens of lighting control systems in west London and could switch out a lot of bulbs and invoice accordingly, if I could be bothered.
  18. If this is the current EV thread i've just heard that a mate of mine has purchased this bespoke electric car. He's a scumbag landlord dripping in London property but as he's an old mate I don't wish him the same closing seconds as James Dean. Looks pretty cool and good example of what can be done with generic electric motor and Tesla battery. https://chesil.co.uk/electric-chesil-e/
  19. Relating to the idea of "evil", seeing evil everywhere is not doing philosophy or reasoning - its strictly for religious fundamentalists.
  20. I bet the prostitutes are cheap there though. And really dirty.
  21. I've been using a website called barchart.com and a week ago the 200MA was approx 32.5, its now 33.3. Unless you tell us what coloured lines are what on you fancy charts I aint got a clue what I'm looking at.
  22. No it hasn't, ive been monitoring the price against 200 day MA and its only dropped below in the last 24hr.
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