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  1. I can see how its all going to go, for each problem that emerges there will just be another dumbass measure put in place. I can see Gove saying in a few months time "....so we are having to limit the amount of trucks using the ports"
  2. Yes, they will be stopped if ANPR or other mechanism detects that the truck doesn't have a KAP, the vehicle will to be stopped in order to inform the driver that it needs to turn around.
  3. The Kent Access Pass is todays Brexit hilarity, vehicles heading into Kent without a KAP will be stopped by the police. What is this madness other then putting impediments to trade on ourselves ?
  4. So what? that's what the EU will be doing. I'm interested in what we are going to be doing which currently is t0ssing ourselves off to Nigel Farage porn videos and getting, understandably, outraged about it.
  5. Assuming this is to become a trend for such firms what is the Brexiters plan for the loss of the tax base?
  6. Outrage in the Dover Strait; Channel Migrant Porn. Latest fishing jolly from Fartrage. Scroll to 3:45ish for the talk of the French Warship using its RiB to, horror of horrors, give the migrants life jackets. Nigel is probably right though, these crossings will cease soon as that is a perilous journey outside of calm seas. There was either Sky TV or BBC doing nature ramble reporting in the channel a few weeks ago and that also captured migrants in these dinghy's without life jackets. Feck me that's gonna be an adventure aint it? Getting on a blow up boat at sun rise from a French bea
  7. Oh, I can believe it, Mumsnet lot "got to get tested"/"feck those others with symptoms" all clogging up the system. Boris's Moonshot idea of rapid daily testing will be enforcing the notion of right to regular testing creating huge demand and further failure of the system in the absence of reliable tech. to determine infection in such a way. I'm not going to get tested with no symptoms, that's ahole behaviour.
  8. OK, didn't know that, that data is from sent out tests rather than people visiting testing centres. Has anyone got the data on people testing positive from booking/visiting national test centres?
  9. Sure, of course the ONS can make inferences re. infections in different age groups etc but my query is whether the testing system is being abused/overused by people who are not exhibiting symptoms. I'm asking if the testing system is falling over because people are thinking "better get me a Covid test" despite the fact that they are not showing any symptoms. I'm dubious about your idea of some grand strategy on the basis that that implies a conscious agency from the Government that I simply don't believe exists. Whats the right thing to do? I go along with wearing a mask in shops etc. but
  10. Taking out the "estimates for general population" factor this article says: The modelled estimates for the latest six-week period are based on 183,994 swab tests collected over this period. During these weeks, 89 people from 84 households tested positive. 0.04% ish, assuming the data is from people turning up at those testing sites. Rather than wasting resources we need to implement a mechanism for just testing those exhibiting symptoms, a w@nker filter. https://www.ons.gov.uk/peoplepopulationandcommunity/healthandsocialcare/conditionsanddiseases/bulletins/coronaviruscovid19infe
  11. Has anyone got any recent/current data on the percentage of negative results (no Covid detected) coming back from the testing system? I'm just wondering if there is any validity to the idea and claim that the testing system is being abused by people just wanting a test rather than exhibiting symptoms.
  12. You just been listening to Priti on the radio? "minglin", she cracks me up with that; anything ends in an ing. She sounds like trash you pick up in a night club.
  13. Its actually a concern of mine as well. When we've ballsed up Brexit so much we are just waving trucks through at Dover anything could be contained inside. We've run down this kind of national infrastructure, same applies to our oh so precious fisheries protection.
  14. When we leave the EU for proper in a few short months the "fighting age" men who have been denied asylum in the continent will all wind up here. There will be no tw@tting up dinghys mid channel and breaking the IMO SOLAS agreement. Like Castro's dregs dump in Florida this is the destination for anyone who wants to come here. House price crash for anyone living near a hotel.
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