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  1. Yes, I was just familiarising myself with Kraken on thursday night, didn't have a clue about it before.
  2. I wanted to actually but Kraken was only giving me the option to convert to BTC then I was able to to convert that into anything but I thought too much hassle, inefficient with fees etc so left in the bloated behemoth.
  3. I offloaded my Doge on thursday night after reading about a mega whale who had nearly 30% of them. I got a 35% return within less than 3 weeks which is not getting too greedy with chitcoins. Mind you when I say got a 35% return I did actually convert them to BTC, got a tiny fraction of a single coin. So in my case MrCopperCrutch is probably right - it does all end up with big daddy.
  4. Thats going to be be one hell of a difficult thing to do though surely? How would it work in the drawing up of the legislation, presumably all have to be done in secret so no insider-ism and multiple countries all acting in unison at the same moment? I dunno, I'm new here but sounds very difficult to me.
  5. Some kind of hedging like that could be a good way to go; DCA Eth and take a few cum/moon shots for chits and giggles to spice your crypto fun up. Now I'm slowly learning more each day I am buckling to the orthodoxy on this stuff. I took a journey up the Kraken (created an account) last night and am getting more and more interested in this stuff. I demand fun though, its got to be fun.
  6. People have been saying this kind of stuff on this thread since day one, your wasting you breath and keyboard. Its is something I personally agree with mind and I also see an ambiguity between pointy fingers at other groups and a victim mentality that necessary needs to be adopted. #THEYarestealingourfish
  7. Dumb idea that, we need those patrol vessels monitoring and deterring channel migrants.
  8. More hilarity, mental strength, believe and have faith. Its a religion.
  9. Unlike you I'm not particularly interested in money, I have and will have enough of that sh1t to see me out. I'm interested in what makes human beings tick and social movements in the internet age.
  10. Its fooking funny. All the Bitcoiners on here simply don't understand the power of social media. I'm holding out until a dollar but will keep feeling the pulse and may change my mind, might add more.
  11. Finsbury Park, off seven sisters road. that is worth 500k but should be worth 50.
  12. Corbyn's house is like piece of cr&p, I know Islington pretty well but don't know where that is. Its like the crappyist quality thing, might be worth 800k but really it should be worth 80.
  13. Fishing was always used in a purely symbolic sense - people were simply relating to the notion of an island nation and nothing to do with the practicalities of buying/selling fish.
  14. Yes, so you had a bit of fun and presumably got a few quid for it. And DOGGIEs are the "joke" coin, apparently. I'm holding on to mine as I reckon the DOGGIE Army is quite a resilient breed.
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