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  1. Hyper-inflated sense of value that compensates for tedious interiority. Garden indicates laziness.
  2. Thinking about this you could well be right. It would be a case of displacement; the EU for the UKs membership of the EU. Could well be though that the later originating anxiety is mis-placed, unfounded. It will be secreted away in the depths of the unconscious somewhere.
  3. I love this. Subsequent to Farage on Marr LBC set up an "interview" with LBC staffer Theo Usherwood. The premise is that whilst on LBC Nigel (who used to be in the employ of LBC) is getting "grilled" by LBC employee Usherwood. Do people not pay attention? I mean I've seen many LBC Nigel shows where he is talking to Usherwood and they are clearly on the same page, or at least Nigel framing everything, like they're down the pub. Hilariously the most upvoted comment on the video is this: Strange how they always grill Farage, yet May and Corbyn lie through their teeth and get an easy passage. The country has gone mad.
  4. When the High Court ruled in the Gina Miller case I was listening to BBC Radio 6. Come the news and the news reader says "we've got Nigel Farage on the phone" Radio 6 FFS, he's had more exposure than anyone else and he's got the gall to p1ss and moan when Marr asks him about his past statements.
  5. Spiked seems to be quite subtle in its message delivery. They appear to have created quite a knack for targeting younger people who consume a lot of social media. I often see links and references to Spiked content from people looking for "balance" and "nuance" or "both sides of the argument".
  6. Currently listening to a hangout at a half sane corner of youtube with The Brexit Party being the topic of discussion. On playing back the party's campaign video those present in the hangout have noted that the youngsters promoting the party are all from the right wing youth group "Turning Point". Also picked up on the older chap at the end of campaign video who says "do you need a home? then join the Brexit party". Yes folks its ambiguous with giving houses away!! I'm sure there's plenty dumb enough out there....LoL
  7. And cover all this up by convincing people they are on the side of something meaningful, noble even. A fight for democracy.
  8. LoL ... The BBC too. Is he a bot or is it the perpetual victim complex? Rather than referring to Tommy Robinson as the backbone of the country he should grow a spine himself.
  9. Yes, an attempt to invert human reality. A stab at the impossible dream.
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