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  1. Yes , I too noted the 'lack of thank you/please' situation in my post. I am thankful for all your constructive comments and sorry for the lack of social niceties ! You are right manners maketh a man ! Any further thoughts deeply appreciated.
  2. Actually to tell you frankly, my wife loves Swindon. We live in a nice part of town, have a beautiful / spacious house in a great area. My wife loves the shopping , and I can get to anywhere I want within an hour of commuting. She is open about our next move. I am a GP by profession. I just wanted to move into an area which was slightly more laid back. Swindon has quite a bad reputation (but its not as bad as its made out to be... infact life and facilities here are better than many 'liked' towns I have previously lived in). I just want to grow career further and this job helps me to specialise further. Also not happy with current place of work. Thus the move.
  3. I have recently been given a job offer (with an increase in pay) , but the work involves the following 1. Royal South Hants in Southampton for 2 days (saturday and Sunday) 2. Winchester (1 half day Monday) 3. John Pounds Medical Centre (Portsmouth) for 1.5 days (Monday and Friday) I am currently living in Swindon, and have a young family so a house move is imminent. I have a 1 yr old daughter and no desire to move again for next 5 yrs. (recently moved home about 2.5 yrs ago from dorset to Swindon) If you were faced with this problem where would you put your base. I would prefer to live in a chav free area (I know there is no such place), with good schools , public and private. Access to m3/m27 would be important. Both me and my wife drive. I am a doctor by profession. Somewhere rural, somewhere closer to sea would be great. I am fascinated with Bournemouth but I have noted that it would be an hour's commute to any of these places from bournemouth. I think fareham will tick the box ?? and many of my doc colleagues have bought there. Any thoughts ?
  4. Eventually found and offered on this and paper work is gone through http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-24687271.html?premiumA=true 180k town house end of terrace with 3 double BR and 2 BA and 1 cloakroom, kitchen diner , dining room and living room + back and front garden and garage +2 more parking spaces. Bovis built Bought brand new in 2005 at 220k Put on market (courtesy property bee at 187.5k) - shows the price reductions. Just one pinch thats come through on the hip pack - the garage is leasehold (995 yrs) and will cost me 200 pounds extra per annum But wife loves it, I can't fault it in other ways (in quality etc) I am tired of looking for more houses and its adequate enough for me. Have gone for an offset mortgage this time ... will keep you guys updated ! Do wish me luck
  5. To make the situation worse here is the rude nature of the estate agents. I recently had a bad experience with Connells of North Swindon. I did a viewing with them for a property at 172k and offered 150k on the property. It was next to penhill in abbeymeads 3 bed end of terrace with kitchen diner and a garage which was at distance from the property. The estate agent calls me after 5 days and says that the 10% or so below the asking price is a "shit" place to start and that he wouldn't be taking us out on further viewings if we are going to put such low offers. I agreed that we didn't go to any further viewings with them. Then there is castles of swindon Then is the tale of a recent 3 bed detached house that I saw in oakhurst. On market for 179 we offered a starting offer of 160, they phoned us 3 days later saying that the vendor has taken the property off the market , when apparently they increased the price to 182500. They lied and I knew that lathough my next offer would have been near the 170 range I wouldnt want to deal with such people. Lastly today I am trying to deal with another bovis built town house owner in oakhurst (3 bed end terrace with garage and 3 double bedrooms) who has just reduced from 187.5k to 185k who wont take any offers below 180k. I am getting a bit irked now and I am one of those who actually has sympathy for estate agents and the harsh times they went through last year. One thing is for sure , there is no point on offering on a house that has been on the market for less than 8 weeks as all you have to contend with are fairytale expectations.
  6. Wroughton has been written off by my wife !! But we have found a lovely property in Oakhurst SN25 2JS area The area looks good, nearby houses have sold for 200k+ in their good days, the bad news is that it will be 20 mins commute to work. (12 mins from wroughton) to centre of town but I work long hours, 8am begin, and 8 pm ending and intend to use the A419. The next step would be primary schools but am yet to have kids - but planning to. Its closer to the only decent supermarket in town, but thats about it. My wife doesnt drive and there is a bus going in and out of that area every 30mins or so. (anybody enlighten me) A good house reasonably priced, but is it too good to be true. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-27996239.html
  7. My journey continues and I have got to wroughton now. I quite like its villagey feel , the fact that its 3.5 miles from town centre (15mins) - where I work. I found a 3 bed terraced with an incredibly small (non existant garden for 185k) - not that I am a garden person. But this was a 3bedroom, diner + lounge + wide kitchen , with 3 loos (1 cloak room+ 1 ensuite + 1 family bathroom) at Nursery Close area. For the size of the plot the price tags are steep. Is it again because of school or maybe its a country property ? these are newbuilds by the way about 4 years old. What are the disadvantages of living in wroughton. Is the morning rush hour bad (as there is a single road to town centre) by the way I start work before 8 and finish around 730pm, so I guess I would be unaffected. Any thoughts about possible disadvantages of living in wroughton?? To me it came across as a nicer area than anywhere in swindon.
  8. I have eventually narrowed it down to the lawn area now. Will be willing to stretch the budget but not very far. I am also considering the old walcot area as well. Going to see a house on upham road and another near lawn primary. The old walcot one -upham road is 3 bed semi for 175k , whilst the Cleeves lawn 3 bed detached house is at 240 then there is also a 2 bedroom bunglow just off windsor road at 190k http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-12067134.html?locationIdentifier=REGION^84941&insId=1&pageNumber=4&fromSummary=true&backToListURL=/property-for-sale/find.html%3FlocationIdentifier%3DREGION%255E84941%26insId%3D1%26index%3D30 http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-27763502.html?locationIdentifier=REGION^84941&insId=1&pageNumber=5&fromSummary=true&backToListURL=/property-for-sale/find.html%3FlocationIdentifier%3DREGION%255E84941%26insId%3D1%26index%3D40 http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-24067906.html?locationIdentifier=REGION^84941&insId=1&pageNumber=5&fromSummary=true&backToListURL=/property-for-sale/find.html%3FlocationIdentifier%3DREGION%255E84941%26insId%3D1%26index%3D40 what are your thoughts, I am most tempted by the 175k property on upham road, will put offer around 140k . Any thought about the upham road area. the 2 bed room bungalow has just reduced on price to 190k (from 200k)- I drove there. the 3 bed detached although is in my reach, I cant justify it unless i got it for 190k or thereabouts and even then the numbers wouldnt work if I had to move. Let me know your thoughts and I shall keep you all updated. Congrats Ozzmosiz , well done !
  9. lost that one. The EA said that it went "very close to the asking price" yeah sure ! better someone else paying 190k plus for that I quite agree with some of the wisdom here that indeed the streets are narrow, and that its a bit like a fish bowl. A classic case of Sour Grapes for me ;-) I think I would have to pack up my old town plans and think more north swindon. So what is good down there. I am aware that I need to avoid pen hill surrounding areas, What is the order of ranking in terms of likability for Taw hill , abbey meads, haydon wick, priory wale, blunsdon etc. As per as schools are concerned we are talking primaries here.
  10. contact Roxland estate agents at Dorchester. Gillian is very good and unlike other Estate agents there. I am sure she will find for you what you are looking for and that too at the right price. (But do negotiate) 01305259629
  11. http://www.bloorhomes.com/developments/wil...e=TheSidbury_AR the place in question in Okus I have put an offer of 145k for it (last rejected offer was 140k by another interested party) Would go maximum to 147 k The room dimensions look good. Downside , people tend to park the cars on the street thus narrowing them even further (despite having allocated parking spaces) Any one knows what the schools are like in the area ? R
  12. I work at Carfax street in the health centre as a new GP there. I wont mind commuting as I consider half an hour commute to work justified for a better quality of living . I understand 150k is not a bargain and I will try for 140 k. N see what happens! u never go wrong buying cheap ... unless what you bought cheap turns into junk! besides what knowledge of swindon do I have anyway as I have been only here for 3 weeks! Which I am sure is not the case here. I am sensing that I quite like Okus (the area aound the old town surgery ) - i think wichelstowe will become a council ghetto though. Time shall tell, and I will be more cautious in my approach , thanks for your advice
  13. Have started my property hunt here. There is oversupply of property here in Swindon as I have realised , and lots of builders have had their fingers burnt apart from small time home owners. As I am renting at the moment and madam will join me shortly in November, I thought lets start a property hunt to kill time. OK I am lying , I quite like buying houses. I have decided on a budget of only 150k max. That too in the old town area, as if I ever moved , then the numbers would work. also old town will be in demand rental wise, as I remember I couldnt get a property in old town few weeks ago. I have been going to the site of the old hospital in Okus and found some bargains there. There is a company willing to sell me 200k 3br new build for offers in region of 150k as I can proceed very quickly (I already have AIP approved , and my lawyer ready and strong finance and income) then there is a flat (rightmove post code sn14gr at 129,950 , which is 3br , is in a good location and am sure he would take 115) What are the catches in the area? is my question. I understand the road from okus via oldtown to town centre would crawl in mornings ? then again the risk with the new builds and how much they could depreciate! However this seems to be one of the best areas of swindon, so any advice would be helpful. I have heard that bloor homes are the company that run the development in Wichelstow, which has gone pants! so now wonder they may be despo to sell. R
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