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  1. STRTS – Sold to Rent to Squat 2002 – je ne regrette rien. Being a bit of a doom monger at heart (aka uberbear) my gutometer told me: the prevailing HPI was insane. I found owning a house a nightmare prison. Having previously travelled a lot, suddenly I was faced with an overwhelming stream of bills and taxes, fights with crooked lawyers and freeholders, half-baked council &c ad infinitum…it’s as if I’d volunteered to be experimented upon by aliens, have various tubes shoved in every available orifice, mostly up the battenburg, that then greedily sucked every penny and drop of blood and optimism out of me. As for being a rentier I’d rather drink sick. So in 2002 I flogged my flat and rented. Renting was almost as bad. I picked a quiet place on a leafy North London street. Peace and quiet I thought….no such luck – screaming loony neighbour next door, epileptic screaming crackhead downstairs. Just can’t win. So I thought – fek it – and went to live in a squat to bide my time. Two years later and friends still say buy, buy buy! But do they appear to be happy with their decisions? Mostly not. My money’s in shares and the bank. I’d consider self-build and if my work started paying me seriously then I would buy. I’m an old ******* for whom debt is still known as debt. Debt is not credit and I will never put myself in hock to anyone. Squatting is all very well, though you have to watch out for cirrhosis, and now I’m about to rent again. The market where I’m looking in East Anglia shows absolutely no sign of cooling. To hell with property porn, getting on with life is the most important thing. Putting the horse before the cart. I remember wandering around London in the late 70s early 80s to the sound of ‘Ghost Town’ and that’s what it was. With the benefit of hindsight one cannot ignore how real estate has to a huge extent upgraded like in the game Age of Empire from Stone to Bronze Age and so on. HPI has been a godsend for some and a nightmare for others. A demographic revolution. It’s as if a whole new gentry and yeomanry for our Global Village has and is being created. There’s going to be a lot of people left out in the cold. It may well be a pyramid scheme, but human society is pyramidal by its very nature. Fear of being left behind is every bit as real and understandable as greed. So, welcome to feudalism in the Global Village. I can’t see things changing much in the short term – IMHO, notwithstanding exogenous shocks, acts of god, etc, we’re in for the long haul
  2. If you get out of Ipswich (always a good idea), further north towards Norfolk border, the market for both sellers and landlords is still very strong indeed. Still alot of life in the boom bugger.
  3. hmm....ever heard of 'pockets'? Wonderful idea! History of the Pocket: http://www.bbc.co.uk/dna/h2g2/A798159
  4. http://www.propertymentor.co.uk/index.php ...made me laugh
  5. http://www.selfbuildabc.co.uk/self-build-f...sp?TOPIC_ID=160 BEAT THE BAILIFF (series two) Overdrawn at the bank? Max’d out on the plastic? Bills piling up? Behind with the rent or mortgage? Council Tax arrears? Lion Television is looking for people to take part in a BBC 1 TV series on DEBT If you have £10,000+ of personal unsecured debt and are willing to face the problem with a friend or family member on television please get in contact. This is a great opportunity for you to face up to your debts. In return you’ll get a professional money makeover PLUS loads of advice to help you with your spending habits. BBC 1 could help you to ‘BEAT THE BAILIFF’ REPLY EMAIL ADDRESS: [email protected] REPLY PHONE NUMBER: 020 8846 2044 REPLY MAIL ADDRESS: Beat the Bailiff Lion House 26 Paddenswick Road London W6 0UB CONTACT NAME Adam Donneky Filming will be taking place through May and Jun 2006
  6. Quite surprised that of all new detached houses in UK, 25% are self built. Approx 12% generally each year. Just back from Puglia (Heal of Italy) where you can buy 2hectares of land with hundreds of olive and fruit trees, a 'trullo' - planning permission a piece of p1ss...but what would one do? As Churchill said: KBO (Keep buggering On) ...for 40,000 euro I meant to add
  7. Curious to know if anyone may be considering this option. ...reckon I could build Rome several times over before a HPC occurs...
  8. I, for one, have had enough. STS (Sold to Squat) 2002. Underestimated HPI and have run out of patience. Leaving the sinking ship. Italy, maybe...lovely grub and the natives are friendly, (unless you're Albanian ). I'll miss London, but will return when, and if, the nonsense stops Good luck & keep your udders out of this cold weather!
  9. Germany seems to be the best deal for property at the moment in Europe - so why aren't ppl buying there?
  10. Keep sending in the complaints Don't believe they need very many to take notice ...so they say
  11. Barbara Goldsmith - MBA, CeFA, CeMap, Cergi Managing Director, Stratford Properties http://www.propertyinvestor.co.uk/seminar01_orig.asp
  12. Been in the Kennington area for the last few 4 months...can't help noticing that all the EAs are ALWAYS empty. Poked my head in one of them - there has been a 1bd flat advertised in the windowfor 172k for last 4 mths - "Sold" he says. Sign still hasn't moved... Nothing to be found on nethouseprice I shall return to looking at the kettle boil.......
  13. Interesting poll, Sledgehead, but I wonder just how many people who've minted it in this property boom would convert their wad into equities, a gamble at the best of times in these uncertain times. If you know what you're doing, fine, otherwise it's safer options - IngDirect &c Has a new breed of canny speculator been born as a result of what Kirsty calls "this craazzzzy market"? Probably have to wait and see....
  14. Gavin Good post! Agree with all of the above. You presented the issues very well indeed. It's a start - London Tonight - but it's hardly a quality news platform, is it. I'm not sure what would be gained from a proper debate with the tiresome moo, except for seeing her make a thorough fool of herself again. Next stop Newsnight with some heavy weight economists ? Keep up the pressure FN
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