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  1. The Sunday Times had an excellent article on France. They work less hours than all of us, and yet economically do very well with a higher standard of living than the UK and far beter quality of life too. Yet can have the best road, public transport and health services in the world. After WW2 the French went for social cohesion goals rather than economic goals - during WW2 France was deeply divided, Frenchmen fought Frenchmen, some collaborated with the Germans, other never, some were poverty stricken, others did well from WW2, ect, ect. This post WW2 policy binded the French and made the
  2. The land is in the hands of the few, who are exceptionally rich..... "Except for the few surviving commons, the high roads, the lands of the National Trust, and the sea shore below the high-tide mark, every square inch of England is 'owned' by a few thousand families. These people are just about as useful as so many tapeworms. It is desirable that people should own their own dwelling houses, and it is probably desirable that a farmer should own as much land as he can actually farm. But the ground-landlord in a town area has no function and no excuse for existance. He is merely a person who h
  3. The UK has a land surplus. 1% of the population own 70% of the land - a very big problem. Your observations are correct. We have lots of land and much of it paid, by public money, to remain idle. We are being ripped off good style. See my post in the thread Who Owns Britian on how land affects the average person. That will fill you in.
  4. They can always take a plane to wherever they want to - London has more direct flights than any other city. I would not stay in a country in which I didn't like the people.
  5. There is evidence that the Romans set these up. In the modern era it was the Spanish in the Spanish/US war in Cuba. The US copied them from the Spanish in the same war. The British set them up in South Africa. They were "concentration" camps, not death camps (factories) as the Nazis had.
  6. Releasing land to build houses will make house prices drop to sensible levels. However, the problem is maintaining sensible levels over the medium to long term. Prices that reflect more the build cost rather than the land under the bricks. A free market system must be in place to ensure that public money is involved in housing as little as possible and that house price bubbles don't occur again. Governments are famous for quick fixes that fix at that point with the problem re-occuring in the future. Having a free open market in land and planning is the only way - the country has a land
  7. Easy for what? Land is not scarse. The UK has a surplus of land. No one is advocating that. Cities have a natural size. About 1 hours travel from one end to the other and they tail off. No so-called "sprawl". At an urban footprint of 6.6% of the land mass we haven't sprawlled anywhere. We actually have greenbelt sprawl. Read the post of mine on How Land Affects the Average person, on this this thread.
  8. BTW, only 10% of UK homes are selfbuilt. A significant proportion of that is houses being demolished to build a new home, not adding to the existing housing stock. The big developers build over 80% of all homes, a situation not seen in any other major western nation.
  9. Of course there will be peaks and troughs geared to the economic situation in the country at any time. The problem is much more deep routed. The UK (pop 60 million) in 2002 built only 3 times as many homes as Ireland (pop 3.4 million). The UK is about 18 times larger yet only builds 3 times as many homes in a country desparately short of decent homes. This rationing of new homes naturally has a great effect on price. Why are the homes rationed? The planning and land ownership system does not help one bit as the UK should have built 20 times as many homes as Ireland. The government instig
  10. Root cause analysys would have led to you to land, its availability, ownership and usage. Read my post on the Who Owns Britain thread, How Land affects the Average Person. All points back to land, and only land.
  11. The Lords is still predominantly Tory biased. They want the status quo when it comes to land. Cheap crap housing only came about because of restricted building land. The land accounted for the majority of the house price that the structure was built cheaply and houses condensed in estates to have an affirdable end house price. Those horrid estates were a direct result of building land restrictions. Personally I couldn't care a hoot about some mansion hiden in the country. The welfare of the 60 million comes first. many of the mansions were built on illgotton gains by peopel who sto
  12. Yes, why not? Most of the UK is not of outstaningly beauty, or National Park, etc. About 40% of farmland (about 27% of the UK's land) is uneconomic, so lots of land to be used to the greater nenefit of the 60,000,000. I think things have moved on a little since then. You bet your boots most people would want it another way. Imagine having a mortage half what we currently pay and a larger house to boot. Look back six years ago and houses were for sale in Manchester two for the price of one. Streets for sale for less than 30 grand. That old chestnet used to demostrate that the UK ha
  13. Gaining a responsible government is a problem. :angry:
  14. Sitting on the M25 you may get that impression. Figures state otherwise. Bad planning and poor transportation can give the impression of a place being too dense.
  15. Myth - ]Britain is short of land Reality - Britain has a land Surplus. [/b] Contrary to popular belief, the UK has approximately only 7.1% of its land built on. The Urban plot of 4 million acres is only 6.6%. The UK actually has a surplus of land. Despite claims of concreting over the South East of England, only 7.1% is built on with the Home Counties being underpopulated. The North West of England is densest with 9.9% of the land built up. SOME FACTS: * The UK has 60 million acres of land in total. Approx 1 milions acres per million of population. Approx 1 acre per person. * 70% of t
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