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  1. The usual "VI spin" response to any "positive" HPI surveys are perhaps the most annoying thing on this site. Loud denial of something makes it no less true. Would you indulge me the most recent Home Asking price index report though.... It is extremely bearish and may well further knock confidence in the miracle.
  2. 1. Feign interest in all they have to tell you. 2. Look alarmed when they inform you that you may miss the boat if you don't buy soon. 3. Pretend to be overawed by the great value of the £10,000 off the initial price. 4. Laugh in your sleeves when they're not looking. 5. DON'T BUY THE HOUSE 6. Laugh your balls off when you leave their office. Good wholesome fun and completely free...
  3. Can't believe this hasn't already been posted, so sorry if I've just missed it, but this month's report by home reads like a HPC thread.... Haven't posted much before so sorry I haven't linked it - the URL is: http://www.home.co.uk/asking_price_index/HAPIndex_SEP07.pdf
  4. This is a thing of great beauty. I am very jealous of you that has created it.
  5. Resetting your fixed rate loan every 24 months at £2000 a go 2000 / 24 = £83.33 Plus interest as my learned friend said
  6. The point I keep trying to make to the people trying to save me from "missing the boat"
  7. The article's probably been pulled for being too extreme. Bear porn thats this hard core probably isn't legal.
  8. This is a point I keep trying to make to friends/family who feel interest rates don't affect them 'cos they gotta fixed rate. The typical conversation goes: Smug FTB: House prices only ever go up Me: Well they might not after all the interest rate hike the BoE are talking about. SF: Well they won't affect me, I've got a fixed rate. Me: Really, how long you got left on that? SF: Twelve months Me: And how long is the loan for? SF: 30 Years Me: What you planning to do when it ends and the interest rates have gone up? SF (looking at me like I'm stupid): Shop around for a good deal Me: Good plan
  9. This statistic says they're repossessing 47% MORE THAN LAST YEAR. Thats not the same as repossessing 47%. I think RB's initial post said this.
  10. What really goads me is that she says how "delicate" the market is to the people setting the rates but how "buoyant" and "underpinned by sound fundamentals" to the saps buying the houses, yet is still allowed to voice opinions with some sort of air of credibility.
  11. Winslet/Blanchflower: I feel like I'm flying Cut to lookout nest Sailor/FT editor: ICEBERG. DEAD AHEAD Sorry, probably not that funny
  12. Unfortunately my friend, I fear people will not "find out" anything. Seriously, how many people do you know who actually stop and think about this kind of stuff. I work in a profession full of very intelligent people who never even consider things like what money actually is, and who it really belongs to. Keep everyone busy competing with each other for a basic commodity that they won't die (Or stop working & consuming) without. Just read that. Last time I post after a couple of glasses of wine.
  13. Fionnuala? Isn't this the chick that ALWAYS saying how "buoyant" (I've grown to hate that word)the market is. Where are we in a bubble when the last bull turns bear?
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