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  1. is the important bit. If the "can't afford to meve till prices pick up" brigade can now afford to move and crystallise their loss, it's party time.
  2. Errrm not disagreeing or anything but the "moron" is Peter de Savary, whom you might want to google. He has rather a successful track record in "buying when the blood is in the streets" and is quite difficult to write off as a moron.
  3. It is true http://www.lloydsbankinggroup.com/media1/research/halifax_hpi.asp
  4. Halifax tomorrow morning LONDON, Oct 6 (Reuters) - British bank Halifax, part of Lloyds Banking Group, said on Wednesday it would release its September house price index at 0700 GMT on Thursday, Oct. 7. Keywords: BRITAIN PROPERTY/HALIFAX from LSE website news page (not sure I can link, or start new topics).
  5. Anyone got a link to the Sunday Times article? I can't find it anywhere (and I have paid access to their site). Hopeless.
  6. What does surveyors "seeing a rise" mean? A general feeling in their water? As surveyors = EAs and valuers surely they set the prices (too high as EAs too low as valuers) isn't the whole exercise circular?
  7. Rightmove say Which the Times paraphrases as Rightmove are very obviously saying that prices OVERALL will drop because 1 and 2 bedoom properties will distort the overall picture and that the drop will be an anomaly which will be reversed the following month. The Times thinks they mean the prices of 1 and 2 bedoom properties will fall and ignores altogether the point that the fall will be corrected. I am not sure I have ever seen such a huge error in a national newspaper. Feel free to tell me that I am making the error, not her.
  8. As I understand it fiat money is money which the government declares to be legal tender for payment of debts. Gold isn't money though thins made of gold sometimes and in some places are.
  9. In other words I am being too long term - gold sucks over the last 27 years overall but has accelerated in a sries of spikes during shorter inflationary periods within those 27 years? In other words, not much use to the buy and forget - or hoard and forget - investor?
  10. Not a windows troll. I bought a new laptop yesterday and opted for XP Pro. I am happy to have been proved right.
  11. History doesn't suggest that to me if gold has just reached a high not seen since 1980 and therefore been outperformed over that period by a US$ deposit account paying 0.00000001% p.a. (not compounded). Am I not thinking sufficiently long term?
  12. How much do Microsoft pay you to beta test their next OS? Do you feel it's worth the money?
  13. The OP was a bit unkind to the Campbells in the way he snipped the article. If you go to the original you will see that they want to make overpayments on the IO mortgage but think they can't do this for the first two years of its life (there's also a suggestion that they may be wrong about that). This sounds batty enough in its own right but does make it clear that they have given some thought to taking steps now to repay principal.
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