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  1. Some good news? Power NI to reduce prices 14% in October. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-northern-ireland-19343459
  2. May I ask what the self employed people here do? I understand if you don't want to go in to details but I'm curious what jobs lead to such a work life balance. It's something I've been thinking about lately on how to achieve. I'm in a well paid job early in my career and feel I'd be a fool to quit, especially if all the doom merchants here are right, I feel I should earning what I can while I can. But I'm fed up with long hours, office politics and generally being a modern day slave whereby I must ask permission to do things such go get car serviced etc
  3. Ive been off the boil last few weeks- I'll go for 550
  4. Its interesting to hear of what some sellers think is an unacceptable offer in relation to their asking price- ie "nope, keep your £200k, I want £204k" I've been looking at houses to buy recently at around the 140k mark, and in my head I'm thinking I'll take a look and if I like it I'll offer 115k, with a view of final offer of 125k. I can only imagine that they'd come back and say "no, its on for 140,000, but we'll accept 139,000 and possibly will leave the kitchen portable telly at a push". I like the advice that if you're not embarrassed by your offer, you haven't offered low enough. I've yet to put that into practice though.
  5. My link One door opens, another may close.
  6. Not sure about that- the kids would have to charge rent, otherwise its a gift with reservation. Also, they could sell the house, split the proceeds, put you out on the street. Kids can be mean.
  7. I'd have to agree about Craigavon- always try to give it a wide berth a nights. Its a shame though, remember watching a programme about the building of craiavon in 60/70s and people being thrown off land to develop it etc. Now the estates of houses are run down, just seem like they should be ripped down and started again.
  8. Yep renting is nice, we pay 550pm for a £250k house. I wrongly said to the mrs about buying cos we're unsure how much longer our LL will let us stay here. Although I was hoping to see out until next March before buying, but shes looking already.
  9. I suppose its a minority of people that bought at stupidly high prices. So sellers are trying to get the £150k or whatever, but are happy enough to wait as their mortgage is 'only' £80k. I suspect its people selling new-ish houses that would be harder pushed, as they likely have bought it recently at high prices. I know when I look around at normal 3bed semis in my area, you wouldnt get much for under £140k, but even if it was £200k + a few years back, £140k to me still sounds expensive.
  10. Ive lived in this house for a year, and painted the living room & bedroom- there was nothing wrong with it originally, we just didn't like the colours. I dont think i'd go to any great expense in a rented house though, in case we get our one months notice handed to us. Theres a few things I like to update in this house, but just living with it as is. That is one thing I think I will like when I eventually purchase a house, to landscape a garden, to re-carpet, to put up shelving etc and to know that I will be there long enough to enjoy it.
  11. I too am in no rush to buy, but my recent interest in looking is because the landlord may be coming home to his house soon and I'm just seeing what market is like. I'm fed up with having to move all the time and the uncertainty of renting, so next move will be me buying, whether bottom is hit or not. I'm just hoping its at least next spring before I have to.
  12. I've just recently started looking at houses again and was surprised at the number of decent houses around the £90-100k mark. Nothing new or fancy, but houses that I wouldn't mind living in, if only a few k cheaper. You think £150k for a 4bed detached is still too dear? I guess I'm so used to high prices now that I thought it looked pretty reasonable.
  13. Interesting- ive been wondering too what rent people actually pay. -£550pcm inc rates -4 bed, detached with garage and decent sized gardens -mid down House
  14. 2 out of 2- beginners luck im sure. I'll go for 307 this week.
  15. Yeo, off and running. Hmmm, think i'll go for about 314 this time.
  16. I've spectated enough- I wanna join in now, so I'm getting in early! 363
  17. Thanks for your reply. Well my first thought about it being a bit dusty etc was the positive of not having to throughly clean house as thats not way we found it. The rent is pretty cheap for the area, £700+ being the norm. But as its been empty for a while, LL decided to reduce price to get someone in. I guess the reduction for even one month will make up for paint cost.
  18. Hi all Firstly, I apologise if this has already been covered, but when I used the search it was giving me errors. We are looking to move into our first rental property and we have found a real nice property and location where rent has been dropped from 650 to 500. We intend to live in rented accom for a few years while we save and to allow the economy to settle, for better or for worse. The house we viewed has been sitting empty for past few months, so its a little dusty inside but nothing a quick clean wont fix. But my real point is, a few of the bedrooms have been used as kids rooms in past so they have kids stuff stenciled on walls with paint- again nothing that a coat of paint wont fix, but whose job is that? Do we take that hit? or should the landlord really neutralise the house before we move in? I know a bit of paint wont cost the earth, just wondered? In any case, the agency told us we can paint walls if we wanted to put our own style- as long as not too dramatic. Thanks House
  19. brilliant, thats something along the lines of what i was looking for. thank you.
  20. Hi I had a quick search online and also on this site, but cant seem to find anything. I am about to move into a rental property and the landlord has asked for a reference from employer. I said to my employer who told me to type something up and they will sign it. What I am after is a template of what this reference letter should say. Any help is appreciated. House
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