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  1. Lots of comments on cyprus mail website seem to echo your sentiments: http://www.cyprus-mail.com/bailout/savers-forced-bear-costs-cyprus-bailout/20130316#comments Lots of angry people on there.
  2. .......indeed, but the worry is that it could turn into an albatross around their necks............
  3. -------------------------------------------------- According to wikipedia, 88% of the people in Penygroes are Welsh speakers , and it's a small village so the OP really will be in the minority. IMHO the south east England accent won't help either. I wouldn't fancy it myself, especially if I moved in from the home counties without being able to speak a word of the local language.
  4. 1. what really surprised me was the fact that 35% of mortgages are IO. How will this all play out ? Will tens of thousands of people actually be made homeless?
  5. Must admit I didn't realise that the repo'd ex mortgagee is responsible for the shortfall .
  6. I wonder how long his wife will stick around.
  7. Live Daily Telegraph coverage very good- comments in the comments section becoming quite hysterical.
  8. They will be outnumbered tonight imho
  9. I'm sure the International Olympic Committee will watch with great interest. But tonight is shaping up to be nasty.
  10. A stunning move today- are these metals prices anticipating some form of global QE?
  11. ================== You'll probably find most of thr flash cars belong to the teaching assistants' husbands. The TA's do the job for a hobby and are married to cash in hand tax dodging white van men, or private sector types with massive salaries. IMHO
  12. =============== They need a working taxpayer on that panel who can't afford to live in soutwark to balance that panel up a bit.
  13. i thought this article was interesting. if you scroll down you'll see a chart overlaid with 5 or 6 of roubin's market calls this year- every single one of them completely wrong. Nouriel Roubini Stock Market 20% Drop Forecast, Time to Buy?
  14. =========================== If your salespeople are are leaving out essential info like phone numbers on official correspondence then I'd be taking that issue up with the clowns who decided to employ them in the first place. Maybe you need to review your screening procedures and and training entitlements for your salespeople? But on the issue of using coloured font, that wouldn't bother me in the slightest unless the salesperson in question was delivering poor work performance overall and clients were complaining about te use of colour. It's just a small attempt at personalising his communic
  15. ========== "When gold crashes it does so in spectacular fashion and its takes decades, literally, to recover." Correct, and as a matter of fact gold is still actually recovering from the last crash, which is why it can't be described as a a bubble about to pop.
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