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  1. Mate of mine has lost his job as a bricky this week, working for a builder in the north of the country ...and had been earning obscene money imho............ Thought it would last forever and had / has got the debt to go with it
  2. Its in the East Midlands, and I've bought it I've got a 20% reduction on the original asking price .... from late November last year (2005). Could have waited for more, but have other considerations such as schooling etc and not wanting to screw the kids arund more than need be, all being well will have completed in a couple of weeks or so. Also the property fits our needs exactly, I just hope others that have waited for so long also get what they want, If I was single/no kids I'd be waiting and till late 2007 I think And whatever happens to rates I'll be fine due to my financial position ........ but I'v still saved 130K over the next 25 years Besides that when i leave I'm planning to be wearing my wooden overcoat ... yep I merelywant the property to LIVE in ..how bizarre
  3. Mr Tickle


    Not posted on here for a long old time, just been renting and getting on with life whilst the madness continues all around Anways to the point, in feb of this year I offered on a property up the road at 15% less than the asking (45K saving) ..I was promply told to get on my bike ...... got a message on voice mail a couple of days ago saying we could have it at our offer price ........ so far I've not even bothered to ring em back to give em the bad news ... that I'm no longer interested ..... I hope they squeal with the pain Mr T
  4. Thanks Charlie ......... wonder what happened in 1844-1847 looks interesting, rates from 2.5% to 8% oh if only..... Dear Santa ....... I've not been in touch for a while, but 've been busy, anyway, for chrimbo i'd really like ........
  5. I guess my frustration comes from the fact that yet another year has passed and rates dont appear to be going anywhere fast, the VI indexes are all showing positive growth, etc etc. I was really convinced that the back end of 2006 was going to produce some fireworks ......... Good to see Charlie still around with all those facts and figs ....... still on the sherry charlie Edit I meant 2005 ..maybe 2006 will ..
  6. Because if all the predictions from people of a housing crash continue at the current pace, it aint never going to happen and till i'm so flaming old the only home i'll need is one with nurses in it. I have a yung family and want them to grow up in a decent family home ...... before they turn 18! Lets face it, I was on this site this time last year, reading all the doom and gloom ... and it hasn't happened. Yes the odd house has been drastically reduced ... but its hardly widespread. The only thing that gives me a glimmer of hope is that the £ has rallied against the $. And no disresect to anyone, but the only thing that bring houses down is a lack of affordability, however that may occur, be it interest rates, tax, debt repatments, or a credit crunch ........ but as yet nothings had much of an effect. Maybe i've been saying it for so long i've lost faith in what deep down I knoe what SHOULD happen .... but so far its just not.
  7. Hello Peeps, been a while, but time for a post and to gather some of your wise thoughts! I've been trying to buy recently, however there is still a 15% gap between what I am prepared to pay and seller expectations, so i've been unsuccessful so far. Interestingly, my local EA assured me that prices are due to rise again in the new year, as a rate cut he seemed to think was inevitable ...I enquired as to his reasoning on this, and was told that it was because the 'experts' (think he actually meany VI's) had predicted it. But where are rates going? I love a rate rise or 2, it would just push things over the edge imo ......... but is it likely ....... I realy want to buy a house and get on with my life before my young family decide its time to leave home! ..... I think i'm going crazy Mr T..
  8. I've been away for a few days and must have missed this ..... what exactly have the fed said? Mr T
  9. LOL Probably come to nothing anyway ........ I shall be offering what we're willing to pay ........... and its only just come to Market. Will report back to let you all know how it goes.
  10. I have a large 6 figure sum, made essentially from property, and a couple of 'biggy' business deals from about 4 years ago. So financing the property is not a proplem, a smallish mortgage (by comparison to todays outrageous standards). But just as I can afford to, it doesn't mean I want to pay OTT, or just throw money away ...... theres no one likes to deal more than me :cool:
  11. It pains me in many ways, but I've had enough of living in limbo, I want my family to be settled. We've found a property, need to do a second view, then I think we'll be putting an offer in, it'll be fairly low, but realistic, 13.5% below the asking, and it will be a first, full and final offer. The property won't overstretch us, even if rates hit 20%. This whole correction is taking tooo long for me and mine, if we wait for the correction (if it ever comes) by the time the family home is ours the family will have left and got married etc!I'll let you know over the next few weeks how the negotiations go, the offer may be dismissed out of hand ...... it'll be an interesting experiment non the less
  12. After you've done the amount of diy I have, I reckon this is a big big bonus Seriously though on the emotional front I dont like it, when we can afford something we like we will buy it, simple as that, but I've seen 10's of thousands knocked of some asking prices since we've been renting ..... and thats a huge amount to us. Also we didn't STR for purely financial reasons ...... it was time to move anyway. We want our kids to have a stable home etc .....
  13. Me too FP! Nothing like being the knight in shining armour to gain the populous eh.
  14. Bernie, we found the house a week before the move and paid for the searches / checks to be done ..... just had to risk it .... no choice!
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