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  1. http://www.reinz.co.nz/reportingapp/defaul...amp;RFCODE=R100 NZ is showing a nice little drop in house prices the last few months. Anecdotally friends over there say its getting hard to sell. 3 year fixed rate is above 9.3% now. There is definitely something bad about to happen here. We will see if spring perks up sales
  2. Ive got all my money in NZ dollars and seriously trying to find a different currency. I reckon sterling is all good as interest rates will continue to climb in the uk. No-one else seems to like sterling despite all agreeing with this.??
  3. Cant help but agree. Its easy to swallow the bear talk when thats all you read on the site. I looked at an old posting by RB the other day about Barratts share price heading on down. I checked the shareprice yesterday and its gone up a few percent. Demoralising for everyone who predicts the crash. Repeated "top of the market" calls from RB and DrBubb remind me of David Lareah in the states constantly calling the bottom. The bears time in the sun is coming though, (not Bear Stearsn obviously). I think the best news this year is the Bear Stearns Funds collapse. America on the rocks, England to follow. Come on. Im keeping everything in cash to take advantage. What worries me is that the BoE will just print money during the coming deflation
  4. Mmm dunno how conclusive this is. Gizzy is pretty small (30k people). They probably only sell 20 houses a month. Not a great sample size. Anecdotally friends in NZ are getting worried about interest rate hikes (now 9% fixed and 10% floating).
  5. An eerie silence from "time". Come on man defend yourself
  6. so what now then. Lets say the UK has a housing crash. How do we make the most of it financially. Ive been closely following the US market crash. Good rear mirror stuff would have been to short builders stocks and high risk lenders, (dunno if UK has really high risk lenders like the US). Put options arnt that good when dealin with a prospective crash, (as I have learnt to my financial detriment). It just doesnt happen fast enough and the option expires. Ooooh lost 5k shorting risky lenders who held strong by misinforming the press. Dont know how else to take advantage really. Lets hear some ideas then
  7. Afternoon. Im a kiwi living in London. Ive seen the crazy house prices, heard all the good arguements about why its all going to crash etc. I agree with all that. I believe that the house prices here are momentum driven and once the beast slows down it will come apart. Something strikes me as strange about most of the punters on this site though. Ive been trying to figure out what it is that hits an odd note. Most of you guys are keen to buy a house. You anti house advocates are highly made up and decorated pretenders talking housing down. Like mutants in movies talking about the dirty norms. "oh they are so stupid to buy now", "morons" "my workmate made 50k this year on his 1 bed flat, he will get whats coming to him". But you are all vultures waiting for the train wreck so you can go in and feast on the sweet flesh of .... wait for it .... cheap housing. So talk the smack about housing being rubbish. Your all just jealous is all..........
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