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  1. 46 Barton Road Haslingfield CB23 - sold Aug 2007 for £248K - must be the one. Nothing on rightmove for sale or for rent since the renovation, how dull. There was me hoping for a happy ending
  2. Some areas may be seeing rent levels increase but out here in the back of beyond (Norwich) rents are pretty static. I have rented the same place for 2 1/2 years at £600pcm with no sign of an increase. It was pretty good value when I took it on, with most similar properties at around £625-£650 - there is still plenty available for those prices now. Outside Norwich itself (where there are next to no jobs), the rents seem to be heading down. Incidentally, almost every property for sale in the sub-£200k bracket in the suburb where I live has subsequently turned up in the rental pages.
  3. Buying at the 'top' of the market (or at a peak) isn't necessarily a problem, so long as you don't find yourself needing to sell near the bottom. If you can afford to buy somewhere that will be your home for the next 10 years-plus without overstretching then you would be silly to wait. Personally, as a potential FTB, I would have to cash in all my savings, take out an interest-only mortgage at a silly salary multiple just to afford an ex-LA flat, so buying's a no-no for me. A couple of friends my age have done this in the last 12 months and I suspect they are committing financial suicide -
  4. The letting agent comes round every 3 months, regular as clockwork. Although, come to think of it, they did miss the last inspection as they had lent their keys to a plumber weeks ago but have no contact details for said plumber in order to get keys back. They then posted a letter on the friday wanting me to be in on the following wednesday so they could do the inspection (and yes it was a bank holiday in between). Mean while there is some plumber out there with keys to my house :angry:
  5. Hello there - mind if I join in? (I've been reading for a while but thought I should put the odd post on here). Catflap - I think you and I must live fairly near one another - are these boards all 'TOPS' boards by any chance? The asking price for one of the link-detached houses nearly made me fall off my chair when I saw it on rightmove. We really need an emoticon for someone choking on a cup of tea... There sure seems to be a heck of a lot on the market all of sudden - but is this just people putting stuff on when they are in no hurry to sell (hence the cuckooland asking prices) to avo
  6. Hi! I'm another newbie, although been reading for a while (gotta have something to do on my lunch break...). I'm yet another potential FTB sitting it out cos I don't wanna get my fingers burned, unlike a few of my friends who stand to get burned right up to their elbows if it all goes pear shaped...
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