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  1. Is it bed time yet ? Well, that is what i think anyway
  2. What i cannot understand is why all the borrowers did not ask the simple question-' how am i going to repay this ?' Oh i know they were told property never went down in value so the more they borrowed the more they made, but it just goes to show ' a fool and his money are easily parted'. Surely every salesman in the country knows that if you want to sell something then appeal to the greed that we all suffer from.
  3. Maybe it is so long since they sold a property that they have forgotten the protocol (when sold, remove property from window.) Either that or they want to build up interest for when you decide to sell (what is the average time from property on market to property sold now ? )
  4. I had heard that the reason for the breakfast meeting was that it was a chance to feed the bankers who due to the credit crunch and the rising cost of food, can no longer afford to feed themselves. I believe there was a concern that bankers dying of malnutrition would have a negative effect on labour's local election hopes. Maybe i got this wrong.
  5. Friday before a bank Holiday when the sheep are terrified what will happen when they are on holiday There is 2 in May !
  6. You can borrow the money to pay the fee so it is not real money- oh, is that what got us here in the first place
  7. Let us know when it is sold and for how much. There are lots of nice areas of Whitley Bay and it is only a short metro ride to the bustling metropolis of Newcastle. I am sure lots of NR staff live there.
  8. Why is England unable to think in the long term. Morons buy houses and have no plans on how they are going to pay for these as they only pay interest on their mortgages no doubt expecting future generations to repay their debt. I did a degree in the 1980s and as a result earn/ will earn around £30k pa. more than i would have without a degree. At 40% and for 30 years . I will have paid back £360k ! so why should anyone have to take out a student loan ! Same applies to pension provision. Wake up, England, life is for the long term
  9. Does having 'slave points' mean that they throw in a free butler and housekeeper. I am just amazed they come pre equipped with a phone point and a TV aerial socket. They will be throwing in the light bulbs next
  10. Every business will suffer. the question is how much . Economists are used to talking in terms of luxury goods (new cars, holidays) versus necessities (shelter, heat, food) Luxury goods will suffer the most. Just look at your local garage and tell me how many '08' cars you spot on the roads (That are not company cars or on 3 year leases) There will be some effect of people trying to take cheaper holidays in the Uk (and avoid T5) but when it comes to paying the mortgage/paying off 'maxed' out credit cards or having a holiday people will not be having holidays Seems to me the person who want
  11. So if i buy this and tell the mortgage company i am paying £3.75 million, then i will have £250k to finance the mortgage for 12 months. In 12 months time I sell the property for £4.0m (prices only go up in edinburgh never down and this only aaumes a modest 14% growth) then I have lived with no mortgage cost there for 12 months and walk away with £275k. I could even rent out the rooms and make even more money. I can see no flaws in this plan ?
  12. Has anyone built into the model yet that for evey £1,000 deposited the staff get £500 in bonuses.
  13. Even though I have no idea what any of this is about I believe there is an ex bank boss in Newcastle looking for new business models and this may be useful to him. All you need is a risk analysis showing this is low risk , or better still no risk at all, and off you go.
  14. Has Adam Applegarth had his leaving party yet ? That should boost the Newcastle nightlife ?? I suspect there will be other 'Directors' (they gave Direction to NR !!) who will also be holding leaving parties. Time to buy shares in S&N
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