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  1. The article actually suggests it's a shared ownership, or something similar. So at the end of his mortgage he'll own half of it if he's lucky.
  2. It's holidays now. The Express front page might aswell be an advert. Apparently thousands are cashing in on holidays as firms 'slash' prices. I'm a little upset because I always book my summer holiday on boxing day as it used to be really cheap day of the year to book. Not anymore
  3. Errr... I think if you read that thread I was the one who asked what you would expect to find with XPS and never got a reply. Regardless, I haven't mocked anyone on this thread.
  4. I have to admit to having absolutely no idea what your point is. I haven't mocked anyone.
  5. Same story every year. This is literally 1984, the media play everyone like fiddles. 2nd week of December: Retailers in trouble due to dire Christmas sales 3 week of December: Boxing day sales being pulled forward to stimulate Christmas demand Post Christmas: Retailers flat out due to post Christmas 'splurge' January: Retailers post record Christmas sales It's all psychology. Pricing/demand/volume algorithms are now incredibly sophisticated, every sale can be tracked centrally and pricing on particular products/categories adjusted as frequently as necessary to create the right level of demand at the right margin. Put that together with some well timed news stories and the shops get people through the doors in droves.
  6. Judging by your previous posts your local Sainsburys must be the same as mine, I think there are only two in the are. I was in one today and it was pretty busy.
  7. I'm perfectly cheerful, unseasonably so . It's the other miserable sods on HPC you've got to look out for On your toys point - I hate it when my wife buys toys for the kids, they're always played with for about 20 minutes then left to rot. This year we've gone with boardgames, books and clothes. The odd novelty stocking filler but that's about it.
  8. Bloody hell, and you're complaining the likes of Asda and TK Maxx are full of Chavs? Anyone shopping at B&M or Home Bargains should really be looking to pick up clothes in Sports Direct. It's like B&M, but with clothes. Or are you a Charity shopper for clothes? Subscribing to the BS HPC meme that you can pick up a fabulous, barely worn Harris Tweed jacket in pretty much any charity shop for about 50p? Occasionally I'm reminded how utterly bizarre, skewed and miserable the prevailing HPC wisdom can be. It's good for reminding me not to take the place too seriously on anything.
  9. Of course. I forgot everyone on HPC is a high earner who does their weeklies at Marks and Sparks and only buys household goods at John Lewis.
  10. I posted this in one of the other threads on this topic. Ever since 2008 there has been a lot of scaremongering with regards to Christmas spending that was never actually reflected in behaviour I.e. shops were absolutely rammed and people were spending like there was no tommorow. I went out to finish off the Christmas shopping last week and it was a ghost town. It was bizarre. Unless the majority of spending has moved online spending has fallen off a cliff.
  11. Can't agree with that. Morrison's, big TK Maxx, large Boots, Curry's/PC world, Argos, Asda, Game. Big stores for all the high street majors in one place + free parking. As good as anywhere for Christmas shopping of that particular kind.
  12. This Christmas is very, very quiet in the shops. Supermarkets are empty, and my usual barometer - teesside park is doing about 25-50% of what I usually see at this time of year. Saturday before Christmas will be the real tell-tale but you usually queue almost back to the A66 at this time of year.
  13. Yep. We've just announced 200+contractors. That's not on the above list. Teeside saw about 6k redundancies in the last month.
  14. Peak air? With all the shit going on around the middle east passenger numbers could well start to decline.
  15. China has wrecked everything. Many global core industries were in a reasonable equilibrium, China has completely smashed the equilibrium to the point here for some key raw materials and basic intermediates the products are cheaper than the raw materials. Companies worldwide expanded to meet the artificial demand created by China's unsustainable expansion and that is now winding back. Whose steel built the Chinese steel factories?
  16. That time of year again. The festive double whammy of 'worst festive sales ever' quickly followed in January by 'best festive sales ever'. Black Friday is an embarrassment to the human race and anyone participating needs to take a long hard look at themselves. 'I don't know how much it costs, I just know it's a bargain'. If ever there was a single phrase that summed up the insanity of a generation.
  17. Margin calls like this just ain't going to happen anyway. It's entirely unnecessary.
  18. £5 for a nice joint + enough veg to feed 4??? I'd like to see it! We use McDonalds fairly regularly. The kids like it. I always lobby for BK but I always get over ruled.
  19. Coy? Not a word I would use to describe myself.I don't really know why you've taken issue with me. I'm one of the few on HPC who claims to be entirely average. Everyone else has super duper investment strategies and high paying recession proof jobs that guarantee they can buy a house for cash when they consider the price to be right. I'm an average earner, in a not particularly secure job that I'm good at and for the most part enjoy. I'm average, not particularly proud of that, but unlike the twonk in the nail bar I did actually work hard to get to a position of average earnings. In answer to the question why don't I do it? I guess ultimately it's unsustainable. Maintaining a profession means no gaps in the CV, once you're out of it and into something else it's really difficult to go back.
  20. I wondered how long it would take someone to bite. Never claimed to be a big shot, I've often pointed out that I'm almost entirely average in every way. Although I do enjoy my travel with work. After tax, NI, pension and other bits and pieces of deductions my net is about £600 a week. I should run a nail bar and just collect my 400 off the government.
  21. It's madness, I earn just over 40k and don't net much more than £400 a week once all my contribution s are taken into account. And she nets that on top of whatever she takes from her sad-ass nail bar.
  22. Gentrification is doctors and bankers moving to shit areas because its all they can afford. Social mobility is about the son of a roadsweeper moving into an area occupied primarily by doctors and bankers because he worked hard and took his opportunities.
  23. "My, that's not a bad position, maybe it isn't all doom and gloom afterall"?As an aside, the buying 10 houses comment was merely to show the absurdity of Vengers scenario.
  24. Right. I thought the 90% HPC was happening against a general backdrop of steady as she goes in the general economy? Markets move at the margin on the way up and down. You only need to be outbid by one person
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