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  1. Who buys anything in a crash? That's why it's a crash Again, an argument you can apply to any place. Any recent homebuyer is likely to be out of pocket with nominal falls. Of course if they don't have to sell, come the next boom they're quids in. Also what if credit is SEVERELY restricted as many predicted? Easier to finance half the value or the full value? Hint: The answer isn't the full value.
  2. Hold on a minute, that could equally apply to anyone buying now. There's no specific argument against SO there surely. In fact if you're expecting nominal falls then SO will fare better as you only see half the hit. Wrong. Wrong Wrong.
  3. Mate, you're wrong on all counts in that post. As a long time lurker recently out of the closet I've seen at least 5 threads on this with all the points in your post sensibly rebutted. I thought this subject was dead in the water, and IMHO the OP is merely posting a question that he thinks he knows the answer to and is merely looking for validation.
  4. Well said. The martians are only trying to make a better life for themselves after all those years of breathing terribly thin air and putting up with arid land and a pink sky. If they want to come to Earth and improve their lot, why shouldn't they?
  5. Hardly frugal is he? 4K travelling? how far is his commute? Borrowing for furnishings on a joint income of 230k a year? 20k on 'lifestyle' that's £400 p.w.! If this really is a true breakdown of his costs then he deserves to have no money.
  6. Since when did anyone get any say over how taxes were spent? If I had my way the MPs would be taking a paycut, a whole raft of so-called benefits would be abolished and the local councils woul be losing a hefty swathe of their £50k+ a year 'managers'. You elect the government, they then do things on your behalf. If they give teachers a payrise and you don't like it you have to vote them out. It's the name of the game. Rambling on about the taxpayer having money extracted by force which is then spent against their will, whilst technically true is insanely naive.
  7. I agree the government should spend within its means, I don't agree public sector workers should get a paycut to do this. I'd start with the benefits first, then non-essential services (NHS interpreters, non essential cosmetic surgery, sex changes etc.), then inneficient management, all the way up to making MPs pay their own way in the world. Then once the whole house was in order from top to bottom if the figures still didn't stack up I'd start cutting the wages of front-line staff.
  8. Actually i don't agree with the keyworker concept either. Although I'm a bit of a socialist, so I think we're all key. From the roadsweeper and the 'McJobber' to the doctor. We all have a place and we all deserve fair pay and conditions.
  9. OK, I think we can live with that. Just wondered if you find it acceptable that anyone gets a real-term paycut?
  10. I'm sorry but this makes absolutely no sense. It's absolute nonsense. Labour IS the party of the public sector, or have you forgotten that? Unions are Labours biggest contributor, or have you forgotten that too? A vote for labour is a vote for tax and spend, as opposed to the laisse faire cut-throat economics of the tories. Surely this is politics 101, what did you think a Labour government were going to do, reduce red-tape and encourage entrepeneurs? Not on your nelly. Labour tax people and throw money at things - it's a fact. The unions negotiate with the government for what they believe to be their fair share of that tax-take - and good luck to them. If we were to all think your way then really we'd all be getting paid peanuts, public and private sector alike whilst a few fat-cats at the top creamed the profits off.
  11. .I think you've hit the (OK maybe a) nail on the head here. Private sector workers have been cutting their own throats. Thoroughly divided and conquered. I have to admit a vested interest here, my wife is a teacher. Now I didn't realise until I read some NUT bunf that happened to be lying around last night that the pay deal always included a review were the average inflation figure between (I think) June 2006 and June 2007 greater than 3.25%. Two things struck me about this: 1. They were prepared to accept a slight real terms pay cut (not the greedy beggars some are making out) 2. Given that average inflation (must be RPI they use) is above this they are well within their rights to ask for more. EVERYONE should be asking for more.
  12. Indeed. It's a bit worrying when the towns mayor is seriously thinking fo changing the name of the town to 'cushion city'. Put me in a mind of Josiah Bounderby of Coketown.
  13. I've seen a program about Vance Miller before. A crook and a thoroughly unlikable bloke IMO, but he's as shrewd as they come. And he really doesn't give two hoots about what anyone else thinks or does.
  14. Again, I agree entirely. Well almost entirely. Although the differential is larger (something I said but she didn't get) I'm not really sure she's been short-changed. She's got £90k of equity and is taking on a mortgage of £110k to trade up. Without worrying about how much interest she's paid on her current place and whatnot she's effectively got a £200k house (at current market rates) for £110k. Even taking into account the stellar HPI we've had that's not a bad deal, very little chance of negative equity in a nominal crash either. The only real issue they've got is if her husband loses his job. Which is IMHO what will ultimately screw them over and make them wish they'd never moved. But for a couple who have genuine job security it would be a no-brainer IMO.
  15. I agree completely, I was only joking about the firemen. It's a bizarre situation really. My sister and her husband bought in 1998. 2 bed mid terrace for £35k, they're just about to trade up using the equity they built up to a place that me and my wife could never afford - even though we earn about 50% more than they do. I imagine it's the same the country over, young professionals looking on in envy as shelf-stackers and McJobbers who happened to be in the right place at the right time buy houses they can only dream of.
  16. No mate, YOU were taken in by the glossy adverts.
  17. Days of peace then one hour of hell? They should be paying them by the hour then, not giving them a contracted salary
  18. I know plenty of teachers and this is: a) not particularly true (all the worst teachers when I was at school were the older ones) and ithe ones it is true for might have something to do with experience
  19. School your kids at home then. At the end of the day if a kid is leaving school as an illiterate spaztard it's the parents that have to be questioned. Probably something to do with genetics and abdication of responsibility. There's no way my son will leave school illiterate, rubbish teachers or not. This stuff reminds me of the old Jack Dee joke. 'People moan about the postal service, take the letter yourself then. See how far you get with a 28p train ticket' Yes things could be better, yes standards could no doubt improve a lot. But we are where we are and IMO that's down to an inept government who insist on micromanaging everything instead of just letting people get on with their jobs. Many teachers are just fine and actually good at their jobs.
  20. What happened to solidarity? You should be right behind them. We should all be right behind anyone who wants a fair wage increase. Now I had little sympathy with the Firemen, it's basically a part-time job and to be honest it's not exactly dangerous these days. In fact I daresay they spend most of their time playing pool and drinking tea. And to be even more honest I have little sympathy with squaddies, you knew what you were getting into. Or did you just want the foreign travel and skiing? But having said that we all deserve good pay and conditions, and we all deserve our pay to increase with the cost of living we should be supporting anyone (not just so-called key workers). The public have grown decadent and lazy this past 20 years, it's time to wake up and realise that the struggle will always have to be fought.
  21. Some good points well made by sortofsilver and smell the fear. There's an interesting in irony in denouncing teachers as 'lefties' yet expecting people in the employ of the state to babysit your brats in the summer whilst you're at work. The real issue for teachers is the pastoral side of things. It seems a lot of parents just couldn't give two hoots, and teachers are also expected to teach basic things like manners whilst also dragging kids up by their bootlaces to achieve something that they really have no right to achieve. It's a twisted world where the expectations are squarely on the shoulders of the teacher rather than the child, if you're looking to play a blame game over why some kids are leaving school just shy of retarded that's where you should start. Government policy. Well done to the NUT for fighting their corner, good luck to them. The rest of you should be showing support and following their example, if you feel that pay and conditions in your own place of work don't meet your standards you have no one to blame but yourself.
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