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  1. CO-op XL FR eggs - used to be 2.11 for 6.. now 2.29 ridiculous
  2. is it on rightmove? all i can see from the above is a house on googlemaps!
  3. an enquiry will do F all! These bastards should be in prison for what they've done - in any other walk of life the cops would have been involved by now- I read yesterday that King & Cameron are calling for change!!! WTF!!! is that all they want? they're just going to sweep this under the carpet like all the other banking scandals
  4. I think a reset of some sorts is on the cards <grr> however i think most of the bankers/blair types will get away scott free- gbrown might be fooked on the other hand.. I think a reset would be a bad idea as those who are heavily in debt will have gotten away with it and also those who control whether a reset takes place or not will benefit most -
  5. This has to be a wind-up, surely!!! in a true capitalist society, the landlord would be left to fend for themselves- after all, they enjoyed the good times and now when the going gets tough - they want a bail out!!! how the hell can that work??? bastards - the lot of them - what planet are these cretins living on!!! immoral parasitic c****!!!
  6. No chance same as that stupid hedge fund report that said the UK economy would be more productive than the German's by 2050!! I mean how the F do they come up with this sh1t? they cant predict what will happen next week but they can predict what will happen in 40 odd years? we are being taken for a ride!
  7. http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/console/b01d5tm6 11:30 mins onwards Katy was very good - concise and logical, the other guy was the other side of useless..
  8. Here's the Link to the house nice house! i cant offer any advice as im a novice FTB! however i can empathise with your situation and the agent you are dealing with doesnt help the image of estate agents! what a cow to say she will advise the sellers to reject the offer!! best of luck!
  9. this is it! With all the bad economic data around you would have thought house prices would come down as well...Unfortunately they aren't, thats why i take bad economic news with a pinch of salt cos its having no effect on house prices in my area...i think low interest rates might have something to do with it as we've had low interest rates for a few years now, so there must have been a fair amount of people coming off fixed, going on to low rate variables, so they havent had to sell. I dunno!
  10. yer - thats Buck Teeth Bill also known as Luis Suarez AKA the urugyan racist AKA the vampire of amsterdam AKA Ghana's public enemy number 1
  11. thank-you very much for putting your expertise and effort into this - much appreciated. I hope you are right and we have seen the top of the UK housing market - i've got everything crossed!!
  12. wouldnt those who own second homes just increase the rent to cover the extra council tax cost?
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