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  1. twarde

    Living In Spain

    Hi Tony, What's the weather like in winter? I know it can be sunny but it would seem that evening temperatures could be less than 10 c and It seems that modern Spanish buildings are poorly insulated. One of my concerns for a full time move out there would be that taxes are higher than the UK and that northern European retirees are seen as a cash cow for the government. Maybe long stays under 6 months are better to avoid tax residency? Cheers.
  2. They would have to apply the emergency brakes and hope they stop in time. Whatever happens the British Transport Police will be called to remove the trespasser or deal the body and subsequent investigation. In any case the train staff have to manage the situation initially and even if no one is hit the trains have to run very slowly until the area is cleared.
  3. I would start with train driver. I know someone who has a 1st M.Eng who gets way more money now than any of his fellow graduates, is on a 35 hour week with final salary and annual increases at least RPI. Long term there could be automatic trains but I doubt there would be the investment in track infrastructure that would be needed to keep idiot members of the public from walking on the rails and that's just one reason a driver is needed.
  4. twarde

    Current Accounts

    Could be worse. In the US and Canada it's 4 or 5 dollars a month charge to have a checking account.
  5. twarde


    Here's a tale of poor cusomer service from Tesco. It's from a football forum so some bad language. http://www.waccoe.com/index.php?showtopic=...27&hl=tesco
  6. What happened to the pound is toast predictions on here????
  7. twarde

    Busy Busy Busy At The Car Supermarkets

    Honda Civics - not as reliable as you would expect. http://www.civinfo.com/forum/bugs-faults-irritations/
  8. He's been arrested in a fraud investigation. http://www.yorkshireeveningpost.co.uk/news...rris.4612341.jp
  9. It's not about inventions. It's all about high value high tech manufacturing. The basic research may well continue in western universities, but the Asian companies have the engineers to turn that knowledge into expensive, sellable products. Where is the UK's computer, telecoms even TV manufacturing ? Gone - now made in the far east.
  10. Look at the competition from China in just one high tech business At the end of Dec. 2007, Huawei has over 68,000 employees, of whom 48% are dedicated to R&D. Huawei's global R&D centers are located in Bangalore in India, Silicon Valley and Dallas in USA, Stockholm in Sweden and Moscow in Russia in addition to those in Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Shenzhen, Hangzhou and Chengdu in China.
  11. twarde

    View From A Developer

    Go on. tell us all what flat living is like. I have thought about downsizing from a 4 bed detached to a flat in the Uk and one in Spain - could be a bad idea???

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