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  1. When has the public sector ever shrunk ?
  2. Where, and in which public sector employee jobs are "loads of people being made redundant in the Councils" ?
  3. The social evils of house price inflation wrought by our glorious leaders over the last decade are so succinctly expressed:- "House price hyper-inflation has distorted almost every aspect of society. And the prospect of Gordon Brown convening an emergency session to put it back on track is political expediency of the worst order, a reinforcement of the status quo to keep the rich (those with property) rich, and the poor (those without, the young, the not yet born) poor. A mechanism for restricting social mobility and ensuring that the worst-off in society stay worst-off. " . . Excellent find, with a reference to housepricecrash too. Thanks for posting this.
  4. Oh no, what if it takes a thousand years for house price to go down. Will the apes inherit the earth ?.
  5. A Daily Mail report based on something from "Industrial Relations Services". How credible.
  6. Thoughout the public sector the gauranteed final salary pension remains a huge benefit. . According to Norwich Union and Legal and General online pension calculators a 25year old male wishing to retire at 55 on a 2/3 final salary pension would need to contribute between 42% and 48% of salary to the scheme. These schemes are not inflation proofed and are not gauranteed: Equitable Life went belly up; New Labour take £billions from private sector pension funds annually. . Conservatively, that gauranteed inflation linked final salary pension seems to be worth about 50% of salary. . Hmmm, so the average copper would need to earn £33K + 50% = £50K in the private sector. Hang on though, that job security must be worth something, lets say £5K. Hello, hello, hello, that key worker housing benefit must be worth another £5K. At this rate it's £60K pa for pointing a speed camera. . . No wonder so many parts of the public sector are overwhelmed with applicants.
  7. Doesn't look very impressive. Perhaps they're trying to justify the price with the, ahem, erection service.
  8. Oh the poor little lamb. She only made £500,000 profit in 18 months on her London house. Go and have a lie down on that "Vested-Interest spring mattress" sweetheart.
  9. Meanwhile in another first world economy, http://www.telegraph.co.uk/money/main.jhtm...niceland102.xml
  10. Have Nationwide confused Halloween with April Fool's day ?
  11. I'd heard that Northern Rock are advising the government. Peter Manadelson has offered to be chief mortgage adviser for the sceme with Geoffrey Robinson managing finance. .
  12. . . Yep, that's how I see it. Brown has taken retirement funds out of the private sector to finance the public sector. Almost no one in the private sector enjoys inflation-proofed final salary pension schemes which are the norm in the public sector. No political party is in any hurry to challenge this outrage. It's no coincidence that some of the biggest pension winners in the last decade are MP's; love her or loathe her, Thatchers pension is significantly less than Blairs.
  13. Sound like a little Welshlander group to me. I wonder what their stance is on immigration ?.
  14. Sounds like empty rhetoric from HBOS. To quote: HBOS chief executive Andy Hornby said: "I suspect the mortgage market is about to undergo a fundamental shift.". So a year from now, whatever happens, Mr Hornby will be able to say "I told you so". And another gem:- Mr Hornby said: "To be clear, I was not 100pc content with the performance of our mortgage business in the first quarter of this year.". Which means what exactly ? There's always room for improvement in any part of any business. So many words, so little actually said:- "Mr Hornby revealed that the group will make monthly judgments on the trade-off between volume and margins, rather than set itself annual targets. " Surely a monthly check of performance against budgets is fundamental commonsense business practice. HBOS are just trying to distance themselves from the Northern Rock fallout. There is no detail in this lightweight article revealing the potential bad debt exposure at HBOS with subprime UK clouds on the horizon. HBOS may yet feature in RockyII, a sequel to a well known northern saga.
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