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  1. Careful - even the mere mention of doing anything `naughty` is enough to get you kicked out of here On a more positive note, I think going on the show and then being as arsey as possible is a good call. Sure, it won`t get aired, but think of how badly it`ll mess up their schedules etc. The only problem is see is that if you do too good a job for too long, they may show an edited version with a voiceover at the end giving some crud about the guests not making up their mind, uncertain market etc etc
  2. Not a problem - do they provide a bucket for me to stick my head in while I chuck up?! Whatever happens, there is nothing illegal - as far as I know - with each of us sending the production company a protest email about the upcoming `show`. Please correct me if I am wrong and please excuse my ignorance in all matters legal.
  3. I didn`t know that - but it`s not a DoS, more a `Spam Attack`, but yes, I can see the authorities going into fascist nazi mode over it, especially if Krustie goes off into one. You can edit the offending parts of my post, but not all of it, ok m8?
  4. Ooops, sorry I didn`t know that. Amazing how people can get away with slapped wrists for drunk driving and the like, yet get banged up for computer misuse. Anyway, I stand corrected. Do you think they`ll dish out punishments for appearing on the show and then f*cking it up from within?
  5. Hi Of course, it`s not secret that they`re coming back and hoping to find two homes for people who are too stupid to decide on having one decent one. Do you want to appear on their show? Contact Bernie Kelly on: 0141-353-8424 or email: [email protected] Come on y`all let`s bombard their phone lines / email address and try to bugger up this pathetic - criminal - piece of proprty-ramping tosh! WHHOOAAARRRRRRRRRRR!!! http://www.meontv.co.uk/relocationrelocationrelocation/
  6. Hi Matt Thanks for your understanding; you know now why I can get a bit `wacky` at times In fact Physics (or as the OU calls it `Physical Science`), seems to be the best option for me In a previous life I worked in IT, and, quite frankly, the thought of going back to it makes my blood turn to ice: it`s so boring!!!! I had considered Mathematics, but that`s not really doing it for me, so perhaps the physics-based approach would be best. Had I not had this f*cked-up brain of mine, then perhaps I could have followed the scientific path when I was younger; unfortunately that was not to be a
  7. True - there is very little to choose from (`you can have any colour car so long as it`s black`)! When I was at university I had a real `working class` chip on my shoulder. Looking back, what an arrogant stupid twit I must have seemed (although I wasn`t the only one ) Having been released from the shackles of youthful naivety, I think that we`re not going to see much difference in any of the political parties. I guess it might be nice to give LibDems a turn at government, but really it`s much of a muchness IMO. To my eternal shame I have a degree in Politics and most of what I `learned`
  8. Errrm...not wishing to fan the flame®s(??) here, but I am a sufferer of Borderline Personality Disorder. Unfortunately, going off into a `rant` isn`t indicative of any real mental illness (although it is only recently - and quite rightly IMO - that personality disorders have been classed as a mental illness). Borderline Personality Disorder has many traits; yes, anger is one of them, but there are many others that electronic communication cannot communicate (have a look at: http://www.mind.org.uk/Information/Booklet...lity_disorder_) Not sure what I`m trying to achieve in this posting - I gue
  9. Have alook on Autotrader.co.uk; quite a few cars from around 1996 going at ~£500. Better still, get a diesel and have it converted to run on vegetable oil. MASSIVE savings (so long as 5-0 don`t stop you and do you for tax evasion!)
  10. Sorry, but they do not sound ok at all. Keep your money, else they`ll just rip you off!!
  11. "actually getting the police to care " - understood; most plod don`t seem to give a damn about much these days. Re. the LA - well, there`s always someone who wants to make their job seem more important than it actually is. And, yes, the proliferation of `McDegrees` makes the whole university concept seem pretty lame now.
  12. Hi Matt Seems we are crossing swords again. Whether or not the act was harassment the implied threat that the act of illegal entry may be taken to the authorities is one way of dealing with letting agents (who are wannabe estate agents - who are basically scum). Sorry if this upsets you - no hard feelings
  13. Yep, report the letting agent to the local authority. Did you know that tenant harassment carries a maximum £5000 fine and/or six months in jail?
  14. F*ck the agents - they`re just parasites. Look after kitty and enjoy your tenancy; if they give you any crap report them to the local authorities.
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