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  1. This is not 2008. This is 2005 ish £ didn’t fall due to Brexit. ? And, yes.
  2. 1900 ish then, if you’re lucky, 1650-1750. Not going to be any bigger than that.
  3. ? St Mkt HAS bust and is building 10 year boom! Houses HAVE boomed and are building 10 year bust. Hilarious.
  4. Bandwagon? It’s a bull mkt. Bandwagon suggests it’s a bubble. He lost people vast money for years. He’s right now. A charlatan is one who is a perma bear or bull.
  5. What ARE you talking about? What was 2009 to 2011? Not at all unprecedented. Bull continues until at least 2023. Not in a straight line.
  6. ? 2011-2016 told everyone DAILY to buy with both hands... in biggest crash in many years
  7. Yes, by 2025 or so. Tho US$ trending down to H1 next year. So perhaps 1.1 ish by then. He didn’t mention £ vs €. Why not?...
  8. Not if you’re unleveraged and can handle a 25-50% correction. You’ve just made 100-200% since March. LOT LOT more to come but correction coming next week or 2 or 3.
  9. 25-30 silver then correction. Not 50 as he tweeted. He’s yet again going to lose a lot of people a lot of money. The ones who have just gone all in, after a major rally. He’s a charlatan, spin merchant.
  10. Around 1900 is short term target. Has been for weeks. Our miners up ANOTHER 5% yday. Headed Baby Bull peak within 2 ish weeks. A 175% rally since March!!! Correction probable there. 1700? Nothing changed medium term.
  11. Either winner is bearish US Dollar and bullish commodities.
  12. Irrelevant. Now is the biggest recession since the 30s and no slashing of costs.
  13. Dollar going down for a week or 2 and PMs soaring for that period. A correction likely then with rising Dollar. Before next major moves into next year. Dollar down / PMs up.
  14. Maybe. The issue quite simply is: Huge recession on its way with no slashing of borrowing rates, as had always happened previously.
  15. I looked at column 1. Rents have risen more in Herts than 10% last 5 years.
  16. There will never be a vaccine for C19. But HCQ helps a lot. And there will not be a 2nd Lockdown, nationally.
  17. Gosh I wonder why all these Europe political leaders hate Trump. Not all, of course.
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