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  1. FOMC today. Expect fireworks over next few days. US$ to rally. PMs to correct. 1750...? St Mkt to correct (maybe crash... ???) By September. Act now. No. Now! On verra.
  2. Yeah yeah. Still immaterial Vs biggest recession since the 1930s AND no slashing of mortgage rates.
  3. WHAT RISES??? Post Lockdowns? You call those rises? Oh please.
  4. The world powers will NEVER return to the Gold Std. How utterly a charlatan is Schiff. Post FED (tomorrow) for several weeks, expect a rally in US$. From about September expect the US$ to crash well into next year, perhaps for a few years. Unless.... it recaptures, strongly, the 200 W MA. Which is unlikely.
  5. I’m full of sh.. then bcos we sold 90% of our miners in Q4 2010, within 10% of miners’ highs.
  6. Schiff been pumping to 2000+ and 50 when are you guys going to learn?
  7. ??? You bought near ATHs in Gold and it’s someone else’s fault. ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS. Stop invest bcos you have no idea.
  8. Since March low Marlborough Junior Gold up 160%... Pullback expected now for several weeks
  9. Exactly. Hence why I've been materially reducing over last few days.
  10. If US$ continues to slump into FED, yes. Then several week rally, while gold etc and stocks fall. Then. Then. Then. Oh boy. ?
  11. Interesting read.He’s quite wrong that house prices ANYWHERE can rise given the biggest recession since the 1930s AND mortgage rates will not fall, to stabilise.
  12. Now the idiot bulls are posting pre Lockdown prices.???
  13. $5-10k between 2025 and 30. Largely depends if HPs had crashed or not.
  14. In case you guys still believe Schiff’s guff that Gold moves with inflation:
  15. ALL TIME WEEKLY CLOSING HIGH in US$!!! Looking like 1950 now before sh term topping.
  16. How can Bonds ever again make money with, already, such low rates? How can property ever make money again?
  17. You know that and we know that but the ? don’t. The more they see this...
  18. FED meeting next week. Trigger for reversals all over the show, probably.
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