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  1. I’m Old Turkey and we cut ours in half over the last week. Buy back in several weeks. The next year I expect to let run for about a year. It’s going to be AMAZING! I might sell the rest on a double top. On verra.
  2. I added, shouldn’t need another 6 weeks for G to get going. Mid Sep?
  3. It depends if US$ merely crashes into next Autumn or absolutely collapses. If the latter it’s bubble time.
  4. Nope. But all the tailwinds are gone and there are now two HUGE headwinds. Suck it up.
  5. Yep about 6 weeks. Shouldn’t need another 6 for Gold to get going. Finally someone else who understands the market.
  6. I keep being asked that question? That there will be inflation is immaterial. 100k is looking to go to 75k as I see it.
  7. I’ve said seems to me US$ correcting from here so PMs to correct. Till ~ mid Sep.
  8. House prices fell 20% in 2008. Little will happen till concrete falls are seen in Q4 in LR stats. Then the unemployment will have soared. Rates will not fall. Read the “I told you” thread. All best.
  9. -25% in 5 years due to all the reasons I have given. Ignore at YOUR peril. Trolls are posters who write in the face of facts.
  10. How dare you blame someone else for your mistakes? So the fund launched and soared in the bull and collapsed in the bear. WTF is unique about that? It’s a huge bull market. You’re an idiot for staying in, in the bear mkt. I’m now muting you.
  11. All you need to know is US$ is < 200 WMA. It will likely rally for weeks but unless recaptures 200w it’s toast for months, and maybe years.
  12. And 4 of the 5 decades of the 2nd half of the 19th C
  13. You’re pathetic. You bought at the wrong time. The fund is brilliant. Angelos is brilliant. The fund doesn’t NEED to do anything. But it will do more than pretty well all miners funds over the next couple or few years.
  14. If you are in JGF it soared already. Then again post September.
  15. ????? Tell is that next week. Hilarious. How much has he cost you over the last decade?
  16. You actually believe any or all of that combats what I keep writing? ???
  17. All you bright guys rubbing me bcos £ been strong Vs US$, tell us that over the next few weeks. Holding your gold miners through the Summer correction?
  18. Jeez. Biggest recession since 1930s AND no slashing of mortgage rates. WTF do you expect politicians to do against those?
  19. But rates aren’t falling! THAT is what is Luvvly Jubbly.
  20. Gold goes hyperbolic IF and only if US$ doesn’t just crash into H2 21 but absolutely collapses. THAT is possible. But if going to happen more likely over few years (2024?). But post Summer 20 correction EVERYONE should sell their grandmothers and buy Gold miners, for the following year.
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