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  1. Thanks @Locke and @dtl Didn’t know it was called that. Do you know of Remuneration Trusts / Baxendale-Walker? Apparently untouchable.
  2. Arup construction 350. https://www.newcivilengineer.com/latest/keltbray-announces-300-job-cuts-17-06-2020/ Keltbray (big civil engineering eg Shard) 300 redundancies out of 1800. Director says Furlough scheme postponed this inevitable action... Carey Group. see links in article.
  3. Oh Bob thank you so much for contacting. When prices have crashed -due to the biggest recession since the 30s - I’m sure to get back in touch. Shame they’re not going to slash mortgage rates isn’t it?.
  4. Aye. Mortgage rates won’t fall or if they do, minisculy.
  5. Forget that it’s ZeroEdge. Look at the 3 they reference. It’s inflation folks. For many many years. Be prepared! Mortgage rates at the very least will not fall during the biggest recession since the 1930s. And the bulls - especially on here, as they are directly told the facts - remain pathetic.
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