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  1. Aye, no point showing anything less than 20% off. But Would be great to see last sale price and when sold too, if possible.
  2. ANYONE who is determined to buy now (God knows why!) should get maximum mortgage possible, fix it for as long as possible and invest the rest in stocks and especially gold and uranium miners. Life changing over 5-10 years at most. NB correction likely over next few /several weeks. Immaterial.
  3. ANYONE who is determined to buy now should get maximum mortgage possible, fix it for as long as possible and invest the rest in stocks and esp gold miners. Life changing over 5-10 years.
  4. Really @dtl RT is far more than mere EBT. Also it’s been going more than 30 years. I still don’t know if BWs RT has been found unacceptable and unusable. Actual user says no concern.
  5. If Gold takes out 3000US next year, strongly, it will be bubble and you could expect 7-10k by H1 22.
  6. Fine and what will you do if you’re wrong and I’m right given you laughed at me? Rude.
  7. To pay 6% below exorbitant is highly financially imprudent. To answer OP questIon needs for him/her to really understand their objectives.
  8. Roman I for one really appreciate the effort you’re putting into this thread. This particular case IS interesting. Shropshire is silly money. That is not silly money anymore. I repeat my mantra. In a 20% crash 1 in 25 will collapse 40/50%...
  9. Your God Schiff says $50 silver this time. #Charlatan
  10. Short? Don’t be ridiculous. Sold half miners though, after 160% rally. Up or down - can’t lose. #investing
  11. You’ll be embarrassed in 5,4,3... and EVERYONE will see.
  12. Lots of FOMO going on. Unsustainable. Sub 1800 coming.
  13. The “provider” is the originator. Ex Chair International Tax Barristers Assocn
  14. Great to see everyone mega bullish. ? No pullback to 1650/1800 possible.
  15. Ah indeed This is news too. Suggesting all indeed is well compared to what’s been said. NB just spoken with someone in RT. Spoken BW. ZERO CONCERNS.
  16. I’ve said. While everyone got uber bullish, I’ve been saying 1800US, after 2000 test, maybe lower. Then 2500-3000 next year. Sold half my miners in last week.
  17. Thx That’s news to me. I personally know of guys who are in RTs. Is the Rangers thing final? The schemes were found to be evasion? And no further appeals? I had it in my mind it was still ongoing, glacially.
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