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  1. Kids don’t die of c19, nor do under 75s (practically). And ALL of them had serious other issues. Old people died of c19. Old people do die, you know. @drkellyvictory
  2. The death stats are fake. Also COVID-19 is far weaker than flu. Also COVID-19 has seen a fraction of cases of H1N1 in 2009. What did you hear about that? Be assured, C19 and Lockdown are nothing to do with each other. FactsNotFear. Follow @drkellyvictory on Twitter.
  3. https://www.bbc.com/news/business-53680671 Of course, the BBC didn’t cause 4m unemployment . Oh no. For a bad cold!
  4. After cgt and selling etc costs -assuming you get remotely close to AP- what % annual return will you have made?
  5. Are you serious???!!! THIS is NOT the time to realise! Sell for a rebuy but not finish the trade. Hilarious!
  6. Waiting for people to be kicked off this thread in 5,4,3... ????? If not then the fascistic complainers should just F off and never come back. I’m not f’g joking! You know who you are. Or were you just getting at me? Well GFY!!!
  7. It’s an outrage that every home in the country isn’t handed a Lamborghini!
  8. I was under the impression the plight in the OP was Developer HTB schemes. Are you guys saying THAT is how ALL HTB schemes work?
  9. Truly appreciate your generosity of effort. From his response I too believe he will Investigate not at all, When I get back from holiday I’ll ask his dad, who’s also in. They’ve been in for many years. You spoke to people in BW arrangements, specifically?
  10. 4 MILLIONS UNEMPLOYMENT And Biggest recession since WW1. But the right action is pump? No. It isn't! IT NEVER IS! https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8599039/Bank-England-says-unemployment-hit-7-4-cent-year.html As I was saying... And THIS is bullish HPs??? Hilarious.
  11. More FOMO please... If you don't understand it's your problem, not mine.
  12. 10-20 year fix mortgage, maximum, is good advice.
  13. Hmmm... I have said probably 5 or more times already. To September or so and sub 1800 G. Read threads before raising questions.
  14. Re Schiff Thank u for clarification. God what a charlatan. No correction. Straight to 50. What. A. Joke. Schiff would be good if he were any good.
  15. Shocking? Not at all. I said it weeks and weeks ago. 1.5-3m extra unemployment and no slash of mortgage rates... Biggest recession since the 1930s...
  16. Not what this is. Schiff says the current move goes to 50 b4 correction. I’ve said for weeks 25-30. Let’s just see who’s right. Clue. Not scharlatan schiff.
  17. GFY I know far more than you will EVER know. Just shut up and leave me alone.
  18. Still at it. Come back next month and tell me it’s still crashing. No idea of mkts.
  19. And nobody again will take you seriously. After such a soaring it is just plain silly to expect MOAR AND MOAR.
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