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  1. Nonsense Lockdown and it’s consequences wasn’t the media’s fault you know. Course not. cough
  2. Course not but some in the media have me on now and again. Since 2004 I think.
  3. And the first idiot @markyh fails. ZERO idea of markets. <1800 coming. Tick Tock. Maybe sub 1700...
  4. No such thing as NEVER sell. Old Turkey sure but EVERYTHING has its day.
  5. $2014. Sub <1800 coming. Tick Tock. One by one the insulters will need to apologise. It’s great you’re all anonymous. ?
  6. I have been interviewed by Ferrari several times over the years. He LOVES high house prices and CANNOT even imagine ANY benefits from reduced prices.
  7. You’ll see. fyi unmuting you. At least you have some understanding of mkts.
  8. And l’d suggest at least a half had no C19. Fraudulent stats.
  9. It was NEVER about health services. Lies. All lies. Nightingales being dismantled. NOT A SINGLE PATIENT!!!
  10. No. Younger demographics countries no lockdown no issues! FactsNot Fearmongering.
  11. One answer: H1N1. 10x more cases. Actions? Oh Obama was potus. Got it...
  12. Only brainwashed idiots believe those fraudulent stats. I trust you wear your ever so useful mask as you walk in the street. ?
  13. Great. Muted. Wish I could Block, like twitter so you’d never be able to read my forecasts and commentaries again.
  14. Don’t mention H1N1 2009, 10x more cases. What actions? You brainwashed idiot.
  15. Thx for confirming me to mute you. Facts Not Fearmongering.
  16. As I was saying... https://www.theguardian.com/business/2020/aug/10/one-in-three-uk-firms-expect-to-cut-jobs-by-autumn-poll-finds HP Bulls are quiet...
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