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  1. Not yet. They want the £ materially lower Vs $ and €. 5,4,3... I doubt they'll even have exchange controls.
  2. Agreed. They voted for Tories. F em. They reap what they sow.
  3. Aye, 10s or 100s of 000s of businesses to go bust - the wealth generators. Not the bankers or the nationals. More monopolies and oligopolies. Inflation.
  4. See last post. And learn some history.
  5. Learn some more history. It was the Tories that invented it. Look up when and by whom. Clue: Beveridge.
  6. That too. Not conducive to low supply.
  7. ? When did socialism ever do anything useful? No, the NHS was invented by Tories (under Churchill).
  8. You think UK / West doesn't have current and future stars? We/they do. In spades. But they are hampered by interventions and pork belly politicians. The entire last decade has been about keeping zombies alive for goodness sake. The sham of an economy was clarified by C19.
  9. Same difference. They're all the same crowd. Independent central bank? ?
  10. My what? My deflation? Are you deliberately trolling or just a typo?
  11. https://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/index.php?/topic/236550-i-told-you/&do=findComment&comment=1103601412
  12. Yes. It’s what politicians do. And just imagine that Corbyn would have been even worse. Go figure.
  13. ? AKA propping up weeds, not letting flowers grow aka capitalism.
  14. Yeah I read it when it came out and told him he was too sanguine, not taking into account that rising inflation is negative, never mind the biggest recession since the 1930s.
  15. Inflation means higher living and biz costs. Higher individual earnings will be irrelevant Vs lower aggregate income. How is this not obvious?
  16. Doubt it very much. C Banks and Govts are focussed on GDP and St Mkts. <10% risk of what you say as I see it.
  17. Clearly, word is getting out of large scale job losses. We're probably over 700,000 now. Well on the way to the 1.5-3m extra unemployed I first forecasted in APRIL. As I have said, the biggest recession since the 1930s and they're f'g around with SDLT. You couldn't make it up. And the reason I know this recession is huge is BECAUSE of the govt intervention. No way it's helping. Just delaying - by weeks or months - the inevitable AND exacerbating the recession. F'g politicians.
  18. I've said repeatedly, since APRIL, and on here, for weeks, that we're heading into the biggest recession since the 1930s. Blindingly obvious.
  19. You're seriously saying we haven't had falling inflation since the 70s. I just can't...
  20. Have you learned NOTHING? Have we had falling inflation for 45 years? Yes. Have we had rising HPs? So, WTF do you think will happen to HPs with a generation of rising inflation???????
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