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  1. Of course PMs are manipulated. The Bullion Banks have been doing it for decades. More recently they've had huge shorts on, and continue to fight the strength of the advances. Hence the fight around 1800US$. But they are finally losing the fight. Even JPM will have to go long soon, after being massively short for 'ever'.
  2. They think 2008 was a bad recession... And late 89 to 93/4. They have no f'g idea.
  3. Depends perhaps on what you've done about it to shelter and prosper from it...
  4. ... which reminds me of my favourite tennis anecdote: Jimmy Connors beat Vitus Gerulaitus 16 times in a row. VG won the 17th match. In the post-match i/v VG says : "Nobody beats Vitus Gerulaitus 17 times in a row!"
  5. There is no climate change problem. There is no nuclear threat. Nuclear power is our salvation. Capitalism IS the people. All the other ISMs are the elite. It's funny most don;t get this.
  6. Two trillion galaxies. Pfff. The FED prints that in 2 weeks.
  7. Inflation folks. Your gurus are even saying it. For once, they’re right:
  8. Capitalism doesn’t go tits up. IT is what created our civilisation. See earlier for Friedman for what Govt should do, only. Of course it’s never going to happen. So we’re f’d. Get prepared.
  9. Capitalism has rarely had a chance to do its thing. if we had it our prosperity would be assured. We have 300 years of fossil fuels. Anyway we could build another 500 of 5000 nucl power stations.
  10. He’s a salesman. That finally he’s right about Gold makes him no less a charlatan and no more right about everything else he’s been wrong about for ‘ever’.
  11. Pathetic that on a discussion forum you feel the need to misinterpret what I have written. Whatever floats your boat. A web forum with anonymity and zero influence. Hilarious. I have been quite clear where we are and to where we’re headed.
  12. That Brexit was hugely support in the NE shows that workers get it. They also got Maggie irres of what the media or socialists say.
  13. I don’t know or care what a Bolshevik is but of course Fascism = Communism, in practical terms.
  14. Schiff is a charlatan. What WILL show up in inflation is the Govts pumping into the economy. And HMG has done some. The amount Trump’s lot will do will be astronomic, in the 3-4 months up to the elections.
  15. That is an academic distinction. Practically, whether the State owns or Monopolies/Oligopolies own it works out the same for the 99%. It's like they all want to make a huge distinction between fascism and communism. Nope. They're both the same, in practical terms for the 99%.
  16. QE is specifically buying of Govt Bonds. Other activities are not QE. The only point I’m making.
  17. It is far away from the capitalism of the 80’s. The Cronyism is leading us to the other isms.
  18. That is not QE. But yes they may well instruct banks to ramp up lending. Tho more likely the banks would play more in financial mkts.
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