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  1. It gives us that small bit of confidence that someone in power agrees with us. How can you not see this?
  2. Rubbish. The socialist allies politicians can’t stand his views. THEY are at fault. May, Merkle, Macron et al As for China, Iran, Venezuela ... And what he’s done for Israel is unbelievably brilliant. And the socialist media everywhere absolutely despises him. Why would that be?
  3. Don’t be afraid of a) saying I’m right and b) Trump is the best we could hope for. He’s of course f’d up the economy but on foreign relations and free speech he is amazing.
  4. The govt falls? Oh please. It has a what 80 or 90 majority. It's going nowhere till December 2024. Top news story of the day on the MSM means it is a non news story.
  5. It’s not the headline that’s worth reading. It’s the Twitter thread.
  6. No mention or acceptance of course how set up we were for the 90s. Even to the extent of being able to reduce Govt debt. Practically unheard of. Unfortunately, Major and those who followed threw away her inheritance over the next 30 years. Such a pity. Such a pity.
  7. THAT'S what has caught your eye??? Did you / anyone read the Twitter thread? IT'S FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Real Socialism = globalism = feudalism = cronyism/communism/fascism
  9. So ill informed. Look at his Administration. Look at who's at his rallies. Look at Prager U. And the people who follow Kanye West. And who votes for him in November.
  10. With Clinton we would be heading rapidly to OWG. Blindingly obvious, but not to Woke Socialists.
  11. I'll leave in the ones that matter Now tell us about every country copying us, our democracy strengthened, free speech and liberty strengthened, and we were in a position to take on the world when Major came in.
  12. Not in the 80s. As you and everyone very well knows. Unless you don't do facts.
  13. Silver 40% premium (VAT + refining) is a huge bind. Yet... over a few years it will be immaterial.
  14. The objective of politicians is to be elected. The 2nd objective is re-elected. Anything else is a hundred miles behind and, if it happens to help you, then it is a coincidence.
  15. Just plain stupid. Either it's capitalism or it isn't. And it hasn't been since the end of the 80s. You carry on believing it has been if you wish. Socialism. Always f'g socialism. And Socialists.
  16. Deluded Woke Socialist. Can be no other reason for such poor analysis. Trump is a dick in so many ways. But not on liberties, freedom of speech and foreign policy. Of course by doing finance as he does he destroys freedoms anyway. IIWII.
  17. And still you pretend we have had capitalism since the end of the 80s.
  18. Yeah yeah Thatcher was awful. She got us closer to Capitalism than we had had for decades and since. And look how the country rose to the top of the world in merely a decade.
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