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  1. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-24061897 Most of the content of the article has all been said before but I must say I'm gob smacked by the comments. I feel in the last six months there has been such a huge swing in public opinions on the subject of house prices and it certainly shows up well in the highest rated comments.
  2. I sold my house in Birmingham ages ago and it still doesn't appear online when looking at sold house prices!
  3. brush2805

    Facebook Ipo Mistimed?

    Is it possible for a normal investor like me to short the price of Facebook after the IPO? Just wondered if anyone knows how I could do that.
  4. brush2805

    Labour Gains At Local Elections

    In local elections do you think the majority of people who cast a vote do so with national politics in mind? Our local Councillor was again returned. I vote for my three Councillors whenever the opportunity comes around because they do a good job. Two of them in particular are very active in my community and work very hard to try and improve it. What is happening nationally never really enters my mind when I vote in a local election.
  5. brush2805

    Flat Prices Fall To Third Of Boom Figure

    Remember that HS2 doesn't stop on route. It should have no effect on property prices on the route, apart from depressing some prices of property close to the tracks. As Digby Jones says it may just make Birmingham the northern most suburb of London.
  6. brush2805

    Petrol Prices

    There have been many threads over the years on this forum where people have discussed the drop in traffic levels as an indicator pointing to a fall in economic activity. Often I've read posts by people who have noticed falls in traffic levels and I've never been quite sure if I agree with them or not. No I have no doubt at all. I've spent long periods lately of not driving much. I've been cycling or occasionally using the train. However in the last couple of weeks I've been driving more because of ill health. I'm absolutely amazed in the fall in traffic volumes. Journeys where I once would get stuck in traffic are now very easy with no congestion. Soon as I'm feeling better and I've installed my new gear cable I'll be back in the saddle as well for my short commute.
  7. brush2805

    Brum High Speed Line Gets Go-Ahead

    We don't have any Tory Members of Parliament in Birmingham.
  8. And what have we done about it? A nation of limp lettuce clowns
  9. brush2805

    Digby Jones

    Digby sounds like so many posts from HPC. This is from page 9 of The Birmingham Post today. "I think that people will leave this country because of social dislocation, people feeling they are not safe. The ones that go will be the talent."
  10. I thought it looked familiar to me! Well to be fair it doesn't acutally mention a value for the house on the original competion website. http://www.winadevonpropertywithfishing.co.uk/ I guess the lad from Germany who won the competion is trying to take the money and run. It will be interesting to see how much it sells for at auction. Would he have to pay tax on the proceeds if he's never lived in the house I wonder?
  11. http://details.vebra.com/property/2963/18626787
  12. Did anybody watch it? I missed it, is it worth watching?
  13. Always plenty of discussion about oil on HPC. Tonight on BBC4 at 9.00pm is the first part of Crude Britannia...The Storyof North Sea Oil. More details here.
  14. brush2805

    Housing Association Housing

    My housing association make me laugh a little sometimes. I have received the odd letter over the last twelve months telling me how it's the ideal time for me to buy the rest of my house. I currently only own 25%. They can keep their 75% thanks and I'll keep paying the £120 month a rent.

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