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  1. I guess so, but I'm saying the disquiet about immigration in the last 15 years has been largely down to the sheer numbers, not about where they have come from. There was disquiet before, but it didn't influence national elections in the same way because it was so much lower and so much more localised.
  2. Once again all your charts are telling you is that it might go up or it might go down, but not which. Anyone can tell you that without a chart, which is - once again - demonstrative that chartism is just useless. Worse than useless really, since people might trade on it thinking it has merit. So it needs to go up....otherwise the direction is down. Well........yes indeed. All this short term speculation further makes me convinced that the only way to invest (as opposed to gamble / speculate / day trade) is to research, form a conviction and stick with it until there is a fundam
  3. +1 Labour don't even have to be good, they just need to be better than the Tories, and they still have been nowhere close for a decade. For working class people, definitely. People coming over from Romania don't put Tristan the lawyer out of work, but they can put Dave the painter out of work. The same tired old arguments about racism and xenophobia keep being trotted out but at the end of the day it IS numbers problem. No-one had an issue when in their workplace of 30 people there were a couple from overseas (usually from Australia or other Commonwealth places). When sud
  4. The Tories were slow to do the first lockdown but proactive with the vaccines. Otherwise everything since the 2019 election has been roughly par for the course. Im not sure why that would turn a party with a huge majority into a loss.
  5. I think the sort of people who like them are those who actively want to draw attention to themselves, and either don't care about the downsides or don't think about it.
  6. Absolutely: a bit of extra dividend tax is small beer compared to interest rates falling to 0.5% and life expectancies shooting up to 90.
  7. Agreed...but that's not the same as your comment "The economy is already stuffed. Everyone is getting scraps from the top." There seems to be a groupthink going on amongst some posters that the UK economy is on some kind of precipice of collapse, when I can't see the data or logic that backs that up. Now - this does not justify house prices at their current levels, or them rising 2.1% in a month. But there are not two possible scenarios (1) house prices rising 2.1% per month is reasonable (2) the UK economy and/or capitalism is going to collapse. There are plenty of middle ground s
  8. It’s NOT stuffed though is it? Unless you work in hospitality. Amazon is positively booming.
  9. Sorry - I should have said “it isn’t called the ‘China virus’ by intelligent non racists”
  10. None of us want humans to be totally replaced by machines, but all of us will have a different view as how far down the track is desirable versus undesirable. When we've discussed this in the past it seems you are probably an outlier in that you want to do things yourself that 90%-95% or more of the population don't want to do. Which is your right, of course, but I think you will frequently find you are unhappy with things that others see as a positive. Where I do agree with you is we must be careful of being DEPENDANT upon machines. By analogy, it's a positive that aeroplane autom
  11. The term "lump of labour fallacy" is used to apply to both situations - more people or changing productivity. There is a founding principle of Economics that people's wants are infinite. Of course they aren't really infinite, but they are vastly greater than the total capacity that we are capable to satisfy, which in practice is much the same thing. The lump of labour fallacy only stops being a fallacy if people basically say "I don't want any more thanks". Until they do that, whoever has just been put out of work by one thing can always move to doing something else (in practic
  12. Right - the fact that he is fundamentally untrustworthy doesn't mean that everything he says is a lie, or that everything everyone attributes to him is indeed correct. Indeed, if someone were to say "everything Boris Johnson says is a lie" that is so patently hyperbole that it actually plays into his hands by devaluing the credibility of the person saying it.
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