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  1. Thanks to someone on here, I opened (with no problems at all) an Alliance and leicester offshore e-saver account - see http://www.alil.co.im/offshore-sterling-ac...ver.aspx?bhcp=1 The rate has gone up to 6.4% (though they didn't tell me it was increasing) post the last bank rate increase. seems they will adjust for interest rate increases.
  2. Errr.. havent you forgotten something in your financial planning? at the risk of joining ina spurious game of fictitious figures, I couldn't resist this: if I put 10000 down as deposit on a 200,000 property I have to service a 190000 loan renting option 10,000 in Icesave at 6.20% annual interest reaps me £630 pre tax interest rental on a £200,000 property- say £600 per month costs me £7200 money at the end of the year from my original £10,000 =+£2170 buying option 190000 mortage at 7.4%(tracker, 25 year term; interest only) costs me £1,171.66 per month (source www.iii.co.uk mortgage c
  3. I sympathise- I sold my house in March (not planned- divorce!) and decided to rent whilst looking for a house to buy with much reduced capital (won't go there here!) - but enough to still (possibly) buy a modest house outright. However after a couple of months, i decided that I'll stay renting. Partly owing to reading stuff on here, as well- convincing myself that the housing market wasn't in the seriois HPI state that the media would have us beleive, and that i would not lose out by not buying. My money in the bank gives me enough interest to rent somewhere far nicer than I could buy with t
  4. come on, how many people from here have voted.. methinks we maybe are swaying the results!
  5. poll on house prices: I'm guessing not a lot of people have voted yet, though edited to say- now 52% but a little bird tells me it may be people from this site!!! here's the link to the poll on Interactive investor website (RH side)
  6. sorry if i have bored you.. how about this from Morgan stanley
  7. FTSE is down further this morning... will be interesting to watch
  8. Probably less likely to allow you to open an account... its all about them trying to prevent tax avoidance. I cannot see that if you are a Uk resident and put in a UK address that they will be very happy with you not electing for your information to be shared. I have no problems with ticking the box on information sharing- I'll be able to defer tax by a year anyway. I'll have to pay it sometime, but paying it a year later is helpful with inflation etc. (I've just sold my house, so have a capital sum to invest which I didn't have before, so my payment on account is currently zero...will not h
  9. If you are a UK tax payer and elect for the first option: Opt for Exchange of Information, in which case their personal and account details will be disclosed to the Isle of Man Government, who will pass those details to the tax authorities of the EU member state in which they are resident; then you will get interest paid gross with no retention tax. De facto you manage your own tax affairs (and can defer tax payment accordingly) as the authorities will know that you have an account and can check on your tax return. The retention tax will apply if you do not elect for exchange of information
  10. The A&L premier account is really an interest earning current account rather than a savings account per se. - have to put in £500 a month and the high rate only applies to the first £2500.. after that you get 0.10% AER (variable) on balances over £2,500. With regard to Alliance and Leicester offshore- i just filled in the form and it seems to be fine for a Uk resident... I'll let you know if i run into problems. Whilst they don't require a paper signature they do require you to send in proof of identity by post.. eg current Uk passport and utility bill
  11. Thanks for this, bear monger I've just looked it up- seems it was only issued on the 29th May(here's the press release,) so maybe it hasnt hit the general awareness level yet I have read the terms and conditions etc. , and I can't see a catch in it either.... Maybe someone more fiancially astute than me will spot a problem.. but maybe not....
  12. Hmm.. fascinating- especially the person who, lured by the selling hype, bought not one but two off plan because they were persuaded of the quick gain they could make and thought it would pay for their own house once built.. Now facing a massive loss. BTL hype for the unwary? To be fair, I have sympathy for those people who have bought with seemingly full knowledge, not as an investment but as somewhere for retirement, who are faced with the iniquitous Spanish landgrab (bizarre!)... but much less sympathy for the "get rich quick" brigade who have been conned into "this is the way to make m
  13. Just caught this as I was waking up R4 business slot just after 5.30 reported that "house prices were stagnating or falling in 2/3 of the country"- essentially quoting the hometrack report. Don't know if it will be repeated at a later time during the today programme at a time when more people will catch it.
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