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  1. How many years of majority rule did it take for the lights to start going out? The real problem for the electricity suppliers in SA is that the majority do not pay their bills. What can you do?
  2. It could be fantastically useful. Probing the mega brain medical database would be the only way forward in medical research. I can see it now - they discover that 97% of fatalities in traffic accidents were found to be wearing underwear. The government orders public information broadcasts advising people to remove their underwear before getting in a car. Over 3000 lives saved every year. Plus billions saved treating the injured in NHS hospitals. Government triumph!
  3. Crikey, no wonder it's a complete balls up. It wasn't meant to be an efficient way of storing and delivering patients clinical records to medical staff. Plain English would have done that. Far too simple, cheap and useful. Instead it was supposed to be some all singing all dancing repository of medical knowledge that could be poked and prodded for answers. A huge brain full of medical facts and figures.
  4. If only we could fast forward in time and see how things were a couple of years from when that article was written.
  5. So why haven't they implemented the simple digital equivalent of what's in your GP's filing cabinet? As you say it would cost hardly any money. Perhaps that is the problem. They seem to have spent a hundred times what they should have done in pursuit of something unobtainable. And if it was achieved would probably have little more utility than the simple system which could easily be delivered for 1% of the money spent. Of course no one is responsible and lots of friends of friends have got very rich.
  6. The Chinese workers deserve better pay. They will be able to buy more Chinese products. The Chinese economy has passed a critical mass and will continue to grow without continually having to increase exports.
  7. Couldn't they just have a big website for a few grand that would do the job? Is it really that difficult?
  8. Kudos where its due. I think his carers must have got his medication dosage spot on.
  9. Military equipment is heavy and would take weeks to transport by sea even when the Chinese Fleets are fully built. Building and "protecting" a global rail network will ensure Chinese hegemony over EurAsia.
  10. Of course the Government could do other things with our money rather than help out a modern efficient car manufacturer in difficult times. For the same money it could build a 1/4 of a plastic tent in Greenwich. Or increase by 10% the legal aid to the legal profession or help the banks fund higher bonuses. It takes real hard work and intelligence to take a court case or lend out money. There are so many better ways the government could use the money than wasting it on some smelly old car factory.
  11. Well I still prefer the money going to help keep a car workers job rather then to buy second house for an MP.
  12. This is a loan and even if it is never repaid it is still a fraction of what what an MP costs. At least spending the money this way the government gets something useful back.
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